Medicare Cuts Coverage for Lymphedema Patients

The decision would affect thousands who use pneumatic compression devices to manage their condition.

Nursing Jobs Outside of Hospitals

Great opportunities for new grads are available in non-traditional settings.

Tele-ICU Services

Nurses partner for better care delivery and outcomes.

Earn CE Credit

CAM vs. Transitional Medicine

Distinguishing between these two approaches to care.

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ANCC Day 1

ANCC Day 1

Top 3 trends from from Day 1 of the ANCC Magnet Conference.

ANCC Day 2

ANCC Day 2

Top 3 trends from from Day 2 of the ANCC Magnet Conference.

2015 National and Regional Conferences

2015 National and Regional Conferences

The schedule of conferences will help you plan continuing education and networking opportunities for the year ahead.

App Reviews

Telehealth & Wellness

An app to monitor all aspects of health.

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ADVANCE 2015 Focus on Education

ADVANCE 2015 Focus on Education

This comprehensive guide is a resource to help improve your career through education, plus event, course and degree offerings.

2015 ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

2015 ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.

Online CE

Online CE

Earn CE Credits Online!

Unlimited CE for 12 months for one low price! Single courses also available. Access our entire ANCC-approved library!

Community Care After Ventilation

Community Care After Ventilation

Guidance for the pediatric patient requiring high-tech support.

Patient Education for Older Adults

Patient Education for Older Adults

An effective encounter requires nurse understanding.


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Nurse Blogs

Nurse POV: Blogs

Featuring our most recent blog entries.

Does Covering = Caring?
By: Diane Goodman  |  11/27/2015  |  02:16 PM
New Page in My Book
By: Leatitia Coetzee  |  11/25/2015  |  08:57 AM
What Do I Say to You When You Wake Up?
By: Guest Blogger  |  11/12/2015  |  02:42 PM
The Life of Riley
By: Diane Goodman  |  11/10/2015  |  03:11 PM

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Salary Survey

NEW! Nursing Salaries 2015

Nurses share salaries by experience and salaries by practice location.

In the Money

In the Money

Nursing compensation in 2015 varied based on gender, speciality and more.
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2015 Flu Center

Flu Center

Keep Your Team Updated

We've compiled our Flu content into one easy-access resource center. Get informed now!

Trending Topics in Healthcare

Drive and Stick

Drive and Stick

Flu shots delivered via drive-through clinics and Uber help increase vaccination rates.

What is Your Career IQ?

What is Your Career IQ?

Take our test and discover your unique career strengths and weaknesses.

Scaling the Tallest to Help the Smallest

Scaling the Tallest to Help the Smallest

Two nurses climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for preemies.



Bullying Interventions

Bullying Interventions

How nurses and nurse managers can foster positive relationships.

New Oral Anticoagulants

New Oral Anticoagulants

A resource guide for the latest oral anticoagulant drugs.

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We Want to Hear From You!

Does your workplace have a violence prevention program?
Share your thoughts now!

Nursing Poll Library

Participate in all our past polls, see the results and join the conversation!


Population Health

Population Health

News, features and events surrounding the leading approach to healthcare management.

Patient & Caregiver Handouts

New! Patient Handout

Preventing Breast Cancer

Preventing Breast Cancer

Be your best healthcare advocate.

Patient Handout

Managing Your Medicine

Managing Your Medicine

Tips to keep your medications safely organized

Patient Handout

Recognizing & Preventing Infection

Recognizing & Preventing Infection

Treatments for the most severe infections

Nursing News

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