Violence Against Nurses: Not 'Part of the Job'

Free ENA program teaches ways to mitigate violence toward emergency healthcare providers.

Preparing for Parenthood

Nurses counsel young cancer patients on fertility preservation options.

Obesity and Cancer

Obesity linked with lower survival and prognostics of certain cancers

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Nurse Leadership & Staff Satisfaction

Transformational theory and servant leadership are key areas of focus today.

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ADVANCE 2016 Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

A comprehensive resource filled with articles on improving your career through education

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.

Online CE

Online CE

Earn CE Credits Online!

Unlimited CE for 12 months for one low price! Single courses also available. Access our entire ANCC-approved library!

Behavioral Issues After Brain Injury

Behavioral Issues After Brain Injury

Nurses can help patients and their families adjust to life after TBI.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery

An overview of this transition and the nursing care required.

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Nurse Blogs

Nurse POV: Blogs

Featuring our most recent blog entries.

Born this Way; What Nursing Means To Me
By: Diane Goodman  |  04/30/2016  |  10:39 AM
What Nursing Means to Me
By: Leatitia Coetzee  |  04/28/2016  |  12:30 PM
Beliefs Shape Decisions
By: Mark Darby  |  04/26/2016  |  03:55 PM
Staying Inspired
By: Diane Goodman  |  04/22/2016  |  11:23 AM
Organ Health - Brain, Lungs and Heart Hit the Charts, but What About Skin?
By: Martie Moore  |  04/19/2016  |  10:54 AM

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Taking Control

Nurse-lead rounds give the profession a greater voice in patient decisions.


Oncology Nursing

Oncology Nursing

The nurse's role in caring for patients with cancer.

Magnet Map


An Interactive Resource

Go inside to interact with our new map of Magnet hospitals across the country.

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Stop Aching Feet

Nurse can find relief from some common foot ailments.

Addressing Alarm Fatigue

The following key points should be included in cardiac monitor care process.

Coronary Artery Disease

Tips for patients to lower their risk.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Men and Women

Understanding the difference in symptoms.

Autism Awareness Month

Inside the Puzzle

Get in the know with our Autism resource center full of articles, handouts and more! Plus, earn CE!

Salary Survey


2016 Nurses Salary Survey

2016 Nurses Salary Survey

Take our salary survey and then learn more about your colleagues across the country in the final results.

Nursing Salaries 2015

Nursing Salaries 2015

Nurses share salaries by experience and salaries by practice location.

Trending Topics in Healthcare

Ted Cruz's Healthcare Plan

Ted Cruz's Healthcare Plan

The Republican candidate plans to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Plan

Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Plan

Democratic candidate plans to defend and expand upon the Affordable Care Act.


Donald Trump's Proposed Healthcare Plan

Taking a closer look from various perspectives.


Bernie Sanders' Healthcare Plan

The presidential candidate promises a single-payer system.


Nursing Trends

A New Take on Evidence-Based Practice

Sponsored by American Sentinel University

Personal Best

The Opioid Epidemic


Top Nursing Job Searches by Location

Top Nursing Job Searches by Location

The top nursing searches by location on ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.

Top Nursing Job Searches

Top Nursing Job Searches

Looking for a job? We've compiled the top nursing searches on ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.

Opinion Polls

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Do you think employers have the right to discipline workers who use medical marijuana in states where it is legal?


Nursing Poll Library

Participate in all our past polls, see the results and join the conversation!


Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Resource Center

Expert lung cancer articles break down the symptoms, latest research and treatment options.


2016 National and Regional Conferences

2016 National and Regional Conferences

Plan continuing education and networking opportunities for the year ahead.

NICHE Conference 2016

NICHE Conference 2016

Nurses care for elders across the continuum.


What's Your Defining Moment

This year's contest has closed. Stay tuned in May when we reveal the winner.


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Disaster Drill

Disaster Drill

"The Operation ""HOAX"" exercise offered an opportunity to observe and critique several aspects of emergency response procedures.

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