​Nurse Salary by Facility Type and Number of Beds​


Nurse Salary by Facility Type

About half our responses came from either nonprofit health systems or nonprofit independent hospitals. The difference in salaries was negligible between these two categories. Government, receiving about 1,500 responses, fell in the same average salary range (about $85,000 per year) as the first two options.

Avg Nurse Salary by Facility Type listed be % of resonses

For-profit facilities, on average, paid about $5,000 per year less than their nonprofit counterparts based on our results.

Corporate offices were by far the highest-paying facility type, at an average of $109,500—but again, only 40 responses came from this area. School settings, private practices, and long-term care facilities were near or at the bottom of the chart for the 19 different facility types offered.

Avg Nurses Salary by facility type

Nurse Salary by Number of Beds

Not surprisingly, average salaries tended to increase with the number of beds in a facility. We received a fairly equitable distribution for the categories offered (fewer than 50 beds, 51–100 beds, 101–200 beds, 201–300 beds, 301–400 beds, 401–500 beds, 501+ beds) and almost without fail average salaries increased accordingly with the number of beds.

Nurses in facilities with fewer than 50 beds had an average salary of $77,004, then a slight downtick to $74,870 for those in facilities between 51–100 beds. From that point, each level saw a gradual increase, topping out at an average of $90,784 per years for those working in facilities with 501+ beds.

Interestingly, the most responses in a single category was 501+ beds, indicated by almost 1,800 people. However, with over 9,000 responses in the category, that was far from a majority.



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