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ADVANCE for Nurses provides concise, practical information on clinical, management, professional and career development issues for nurses practicing in all areas of the profession.

Take advantage of CE offerings, search through a large listing of job opportunities and peruse a calendar of upcoming continuing education opportunities. With popular, timely features, ADVANCE is the place nurses turn to enhance their careers.

Meet the staff who bring you ADVANCE.

Linda Jones, Editorial Director 
Linda Jones has more than 25 years of experience in medical communications, including working on and launching several peer-reviewed journals, monthly healthcare magazines and licensing exams for physicians. She joined ADVANCE in 1990. Today, she is editorial director for the ADVANCE for Nurses product line.

Richard Krisher, Editor 
Richard Krisher joined Merion Publications in 1999 as editor. He graduated with a degree in English from Trenton State College (now the College of New Jersey) in 1988. He worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 9 years before entering the trade publishing field.

Pamela Tarapchak, Editor
Pamela Tarapchak, has been with ADVANCE since 1998. Currently, she serves as editor of severalADVANCE for Nurses regional areas. She previously worked for sister publication ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory. She graduated from Penn State University in 1991 with a BA in journalism. Prior to joining ADVANCE, she worked for 8 years at Penn State in various public relations roles.

Merion Matters, the company behind ADVANCE, has focused on bettering the careers of our healthcare community since its inception as a magazine publisher in 1985. Today, our diversified interests highlight a commitment to serving the informational and career needs of 1.8 million nursing and allied healthcare professionals.

Our wide range of products and services currently include:

  • Interactive communities
  • Healthcare Shop
  • Publications
  • In-person and virtual events
  • Custom communication
  • Custom publishing
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Partnerships

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Where can a restricted LPN find a support group in Mississippi? {Not restricted for chemical dependency; for false documentation}

Amelia MayfiendMay 10, 2012
Wesson, MS

It,s not a comment but i want to find out how i as a student nurse can share important information with other nurses, eg through articles or pictures.
Brenda Kibet

Brenda  Kibet,  RNApril 13, 2012
Takoma Park, MD

Darvon: We now address LPN issues on a dedicated page on the website. On the navigation bar at the top click Specialty then LPN.

Linda Jones,  Editorial Director,  ADVANCEAugust 18, 2010

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