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Background Checks Required For NJ RNs Renewing Licenses

Understanding and complying with new legislation is not always easy. Here's what the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA) said to clarify the issue.

Effective 2008, RN license renewals require mandatory background checks. Nurses who have already completed a background check don't have to do it again unless they are applying for a subsequent license.

RNs who are up for license renewal this year cannot renew without completing their background check. All background checks must be completed before the state-mandated Oct. 31, 2009, deadline.

Furthermore, if the nurse has not gotten a background check, their license expired and the nurse is not active, a background check would be required to reactivate the license.

The bottom line, according to the NJDCA, is that all New Jersey nurses need to complete a background check. In 2006, legislation was enacted requiring nurses seeking license renewal to get criminal background checks.

Without the checks, licenses will not be renewed.

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I used to word per diem at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. I now only work in an MICU/SICU in Manhattan. I need to renew my NJ license for the possibility of working again in NJ. How do I go about that and where do I go?

Mercy Grace Cana-Cooper,  Charge Nurse,  SLRH, NYJuly 22, 2009

I renewed my license this year and recieved a new one. Does that mean my background check is complete? I did not get fingerprinted and I lost the original paper work. I tried emailing the state board of nursing to no avail to get the information I need. I assume that they would not have renewed my license unless the background check was done. I need a letter to get the fingerprinting and places approved to do it. Can you help find this information.

Joan Cizewski,  RN,  Lincoln TechMay 22, 2009
Edison , NJ


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