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Job Interviews: What To Wear


Job Interviews: What to Wear

In Short

1. Scrub the scrubs, leave out the lab coat. The best interview outfit is a business suit for men and women alike. Gray and navy work best for men; blues, grays and black are good choices for women. Choose wool and wool blends over synthetic materials.

2. What knot to wear? Men, a conservatively patterned silk necktie is an interview staple. Women, wear a tastefully colorful blouse or scarf, especially to soften the look of a black suit.

3. Skirting the issue. Hemlines should be no more than an inch or two above the knee, and slits should be small and centered on the back. Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated.

4. Be wrinkle-free. Wrinkles can add character to a face. Wrinkles on your shirt or blouse are another story. Have your suit, blouse or shirt pressed before the interview.

5. Shoes make the woman. Women should wear neutral hosiery and leather or cloth closed-toe shoes. Avoid open-toed or backless shoes and opt for a conservative heel - not too chunky and not too high.

6. Be a sole man. Men should wear dark socks that coordinate with their pants and neatly shined, lace-up shoes in black, cordovan or brown. And don't forget the matching belt.

7. Leave the hardware at home. Women should avoid wearing too many rings or earrings. If your jewelry jingles, you're wearing too much. Men should remove visible piercings, and facial jewelry is a definite no-no for both sexes.

8. The job is in the bag. Bring a neat, well-kept and conservative briefcase or portfolio. Backpacks, athletic-type bags and tiny purses all send the wrong message.

Job Interviews: What To Wear

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