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MA: Retired LPN provides disaster relief

Pam Nolin, a retired LPN, has continued to use her nursing skills by helping people involved in major disasters.

According to the Eagle-Tribune of North Andover, Nolin is currently staffed as a health services volunteer for the American Red Cross of Merrimack Valley after spending 25 years as a nurse.

She's provided relief in the aftermath of several nationwide catastrophes including Hurricane Katrina, where she addressed the medical needs of displaced individuals 1 day after the hurricane struck in March 2007.

Her first assignment, Nolin spent more than 2 weeks helping setup temporary shelters and assisting patients during the Katrina ordeal, the Eagle-Tribune reports.

"Everyday I'm helping these people and it feels like I'm accomplishing something," Nolin told the Eagle-Tribune. "Even if I'm just there to sit and listen to someone."

She recently returned from a 2-week trip to Texas and Oklahoma, where 2 weeks of storms resulted in massive flooding in June that displaced thousands of people and led to at least 11 deaths.

"She's an excellent volunteer," Deb Duxbury, director of emergency and volunteer services for the Merrimack Valley chapter of the Red Cross, told the Eagle-Tribune. "If she isn't being deployed to a national emergency, she's willing to help locally in our Health Department."

Nolin has also worked as a visiting nurse and hospital nurse.

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