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What Makes Nurses Tick - Current Events

Current Events

Have you ever written or called your local, state or federal government representatives concerning legislation of a nursing issue?

Yes                                                    No
50%                                                   50% 

What is the biggest obstacle to acceptance of health reform legislation?

Partisan politics



How would you best characterize media coverage of public health issues?

24/7 cable news and endless space on the Internet lead to overhype

About right, given the gravity of potential threats

Where do you stand on gay marriage?

There is no reason to discriminate against two people who wish to marry, regardless of gender

Only marriages between a woman and a man should be recognized by the state

Civil unions are the best solution

I believe First Lady Michelle Obama should:

Get involved in public affairs and use her influence as First Lady to affect change

Maintain a distance from policy discussions because she is not an elected official

Do you feel universal healthcare is the answer to better care?




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I strongly agree with Mrs Tina Rice, RN that marriage is between one man and one woman. However, I'm not sure what this question has to do with nursing. Aren't we as nurses supposed to treat each person according to his/her illness, not according to his/her marriage status or sexual preference?

Mrs. Beverly ,  RNJanuary 05, 2010

The fact that only 50% respondents have contacted their legislator is one of the reasons legislation may not be pro-nursing. We complain about nurse-patient ratios, the nursing shortage, etc. but, change will never come if we, as nurses, are not involved. Doing something we have never done before will get us something we have never had before. Physicians have a very organized and powerful lobbying group in Washington, DC and therefore, they are able to influence the lawmakers. I believe nurses need to step back and take a look at the larger picture and not focus on who took five minutes longer on their lunch break. National health care may be coming, but, do we as nurses really want more government control? Medicare is government controlled and quite frankly, I do not think our elderly patients are getting the best health care without a hassle. I think it is time for nurses to get involved with government affairs before unfavorable decisions are made. Be a contributor instead of a complainer.

Terry Gilbaugh,  RNJanuary 05, 2010

there is more to quality health care than legislation. All RNs should have a BSN - those who have practiced more than one year to be g'fathered in. The ANA took this stand in 1972 but supported AD programs because of a 'nursing shortage'. There are laws called 'the nurse practice act' in each state. How about a national license? How about the public health departments which have been succesful thru history in improving the health of communities? Let's ask our elected officials to suffer the same health insurance as the gen public instead of having special healthcare arrangements. Let's ask them to vote to stop the automatic pay raise they get each year!I need to stop - I'm getting angry.

Mary Oppy,  wellness RNJanuary 01, 2010
Macon, GA

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