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Find feature stories, continuing education, blogs and more in our helpful 2016 breast cancer resource center.


Telephone Counseling for Breast Cancer Risk

Phones expand reach and access to cancer genetic counseling and testing.

Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Precision phenotype assessment offers hope for more effective treatment.


Why some women choose to remain flat after mastectomy.

Breast Cancer in Men

The incidence of breast cancer in men has been increasing.


Breast Cancer in Young Women

Focused care for this population is blooming.

2016 Salary Survey Results

Preventing Breast Cancer

Preventing Breast Cancer

Be you own best healthcare advocate

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

Breast Cancer in Men versus Women

There are differences in how the cancer is treated.

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Spread Hope and Courage

Order your pink gear today.


Thank You

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016: Thank You From ADVANCE and our Sponsors

Our sponsors would like to thank you for all that you do!


Breast Cancer Awareness Facts 2016

Our downloadable infographic offers tips for cancer prevention and the latest on survivorship rates.

Continuing Education

Decoding Breast Reconstruction

What you need to know in primary care


Breast Cancer is More than October

I walk the Woman's Cancer Walk every year in remembrance of those women who fought the good fight but lost and those remarkable women who fought and won.

A Nurse's Guide to Breast Cancer

Nurses should consider the physiologic, social, economic, psychological, and spiritual impact breast cancer has on patients and their families.

The Blame Game: No One Wins This Fight

Breast cancer is a fight that shouldn't be fought alone. It is everyone's fight.



2016 Medline Pink Glove Dance

2016 Medline Pink Glove Dance

University Medical Center of El Paso, Chino Valley and Montgomery Cancer Center take top prizes in raising awareness of breast cancer


2015 Medline Pink Glove Dance

2015 Medline Pink Glove Dance

Infirmary Health and Chino Valley take top prizes in raising awareness of breast cancer.

Watch the Videos

Pink Sensations

Pink Sensations

Nurses from across the country have submitted videos for the Pink Glove Dance contest.


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