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Workload Comparison Survey

How does your workload measure up? Take part in our survey and find out!

*This survey is now closed. Click here to view the results!

Nursing is one of the hardest working professions out there, and we want to know how your workload compares to your colleagues' in other units and locations.

Take part in our survey and let us know just how hard you and your unit worked last year! It takes only minutes to complete the survey, and the results will be available in April so you can find out about nurse-patient ratios, overtime hours, shift lengths and so much more!

We know all nurses are hardworking and dedicated, but for this survey, we're concentrating on nurses working at the bedside in inpatient hospitals. We will focus on nurses in other settings in future surveys.

Deadline to complete: March 1, 2013.

We can't wait to find out which are the hardest-working units, the impacts of technology and where you spend most of your day.

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