Obstetrical Nursing Care of Transgender Men

Male pregnancy is the changing face of labor and delivery.

Nurses Speak Out for Gun Control

Profession urges meaningful legislation to curb growing violence problem.

Health Problems in the Public Eye

Do high-profile people have a responsibility to go public with their medical records?

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Decoding Breast Reconstruction

What you need to know in primary care.

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Nurse Names and Faces

Names & Faces

October 2016

The monthly feature on this page is a roundup highlighting who is making news in your profession. We hope you will share this with coworkers.


October 13, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Implementing Contact-Free and Continuous Monitoring In Medical and Surgical Units

Implementing Contact-Free and Continuous Monitoring

In Medical and Surgical Units


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Top Nursing Jobs
for October 2016

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Coloring Therapy for Nurses

Hot Trend At Your Fingertips

Print our designs now to start feeling the relaxing benefits of coloring therapy... and share with your patients too.
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Online CE

Online CE

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Therapeutic Communication

Therapeutic Communication

Ensuring its effectiveness with patients affected by mental health disorders.

Immunization of Older Adults

Immunization of Older Adults

Practice standards can address this public health need.

Student and New Grad Center

Options in Continuing Education

Options in Continuing Education

Reset your educational GPS to find alternative routes.

Main Student Center

Student and New Grad Center

This resource center helps nursing students and new graduates build a successful career.

Featured Blog

RN Men: The XY Viewpoint

RN Men: The XY Viewpoint

Welcome to our new blog! Be sure to read our first collection of posts that ask "Will We Ever Get Past the Term Male Nurse?"

Nurse Blogs

Nurse POV: Blogs

Featuring our most recent blog entries.

Living for Today
By: Leatitia Coetzee  |  10/20/2016  |  08:51 AM
Spiritual Thinking
By: Mark Darby  |  10/13/2016  |  09:01 AM
An Exceptional Mantra for Nurses
By: Diane Goodman  |  10/12/2016  |  08:33 AM
Nurse, Heal Thy Physical Self and the Skin You're In
By: Martie Moore  |  10/11/2016  |  08:25 AM
Small Talk Can be a Big Deal
By: Nicholas Nicholson  |  10/07/2016  |  03:18 PM

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ADVANCE 2016 Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

A comprehensive resource filled with articles on improving your career through education

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.


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Magnet Map

Magnet Map

CLICK HERE - An Interactive Resource

Interact with our updated map of Magnet hospitals across the country.


Breast Cancer in Young Women

Focused care for this population is blooming.

Top Nursing Schools

Best Nursing Schools for Master's Degree

Narrow your school search with the latest list!

Best Online MSN Programs

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Breast Cancer Awarenss Month 2016

Resource Center

Resource Center

Find feature stories, continuing education, blogs and more in our helpful breast cancer center.

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Patient Handouts

New! Patient Handout

Understanding Lymphedema

Understanding Lymphedema

In addition to medical treatment, there are a variety of techniques to manange your lymphedema.

New! Patient Handout

Managing Chronic Constipation

Managing Chronic Constipation

Drinking plenty and fluids and increasing dietary fiber are just two ways to maintain bowel health.

Handouts Archive

Browse our full library for more helpful handouts designed for nurses and patients.

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Nurses' 2016 Salaries by Specialty and Education

Nurses' 2016 Salaries by Specialty and Education

Is that extra degree worth it? Our second online rollout of nurses' salary survey data breaks down compensation by specialty and education level.

Salary Center

2016 Results

Should you make that move? Our first online rollout of nurses' salary survey data breaks down compensation by title and region.

Salary Center

Salary Center

Stay up-to-date on salary trends with features, surveys and more.

Bonus Content

New! Infographic

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts 2016

Our downloadable infographic offers tips for cancer prevention and the latest on survivorship rates.

New! Video

2016 Medline Pink Glove Dance

2016 Medline Pink Glove Dance

University Medical Center of El Paso, Chino Valley and Montgomery Cancer Center take top prizes in raising awareness of breast cancer.

New! Compare / Contrast

Breast Cancer in Men versus Women

Breast Cancer in Men versus Women

There are differences in how the cancer is treated.


Medical Surgical Nursing Certifications

Medical Surgical Nursing Certifications

This handy list details the primary specialty certifications of interest to med-surg nurses.

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Nursing Trends

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The Opioid Epidemic

Opinion Polls & Surveys

Share Your Breast Cancer Inspiration

NEW! Share Your Breast Cancer Inspiration

What words of encouragement do you have for breast cancer patients?


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