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2013 Salary Survey Results

Results are in from the latest ADVANCE for Nurses Salary Survey

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In l980, my 62 yo father had a heart attack in Nevada. I was so impressed with the LOC, education and technology. The nursing staff HAD BSN's and were working on MSN's, computer charting was the norm, patient education was readily available on their TV monitors, just to name a few. So much for my faulty impression of regions beyond the north east. Congrats! I think the salaries reflect professional achievements. And more importantly, the achievement and salary compensation seems to have continued.

Patricia ,  Supervisor of Nursing,  StateSeptember 14, 2015

I am guessing this must be the average annual salary of RNs who responded to the survey from any given State. If most people who responded have advanced degrees and years of experience plus their overtime pays were counted in the annual income, then it will appear as an inflated annual income. I work in AZ but my annual income goes up to 150,000 because I work 4-5 days a wk and on a wk-end pay plan that brings up my hourly rate to 63/hr.

Omar August 18, 2015

THAT AVERAGE SALARY IS NOT TRUE IN THE Nashville TN area. In fact it is very much lower.

Jeanne ,  Staff RNMay 21, 2015
Nashville, TN

is that monthly or annual

Onias Chifamba PSMI Shashi Private HospitalApril 01, 2015

NP for 8 years

Pamela Anderson,  ANP-BC,  St VincentMarch 26, 2015
Indianapolis, IN

What are the salaries for LPN's. It's always about RN's. We are important as well. Thanks

f whitaker,  LPNMarch 17, 2015
Shreveport, LA

I definitely need to move! I barely make 29000.00 a year, granted this is my first position since graduating and obtaining my state license as an LPN. Hoping my move to Tampa Florida will boost my worth after almost 2 years with my first post graduate nursing job.

Joann Scott,  LPN,  Medical Clinic Center-Private OwnedMarch 11, 2015
Ft Pierce, FL

It seems the nurses should be talking with each other about salaries. The longer we are in the dark the longer we are taken advantage of by administrators who are more worried about bottom lines than patient outcomes and care of vital employees.

Jean Thomas,  retiredMarch 04, 2015
Houston, TX

The posted salaries have been designated as "earnings by highest degree and more" within a specific state. Not entry level RN averages.
Janice Ivery, MSN,RN-BC

Janice Ivery,  RN Care Manager,  VAMCJanuary 09, 2015
Decatur, GA

I have been working almost 2 yrs at the hospital and do know that starting annual salary for brand new nurse is about $41,000. I know that traveling nurse jobs pays well.

Stephanie Thomas,  RNNovember 24, 2014
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hi everyone! If you click on the regional links, your questions will be answered!

Alice Peterson,  Clinical Educator,  LRHSOctober 01, 2014
Lakeland, FL

These salary ranges can not be correct because in Eastern North Carolina a RN with associated degree nursing is $38,000 to $80,000 with experience. A new graduate nurse only starts with $35,000 per year.

t fSeptember 19, 2014
greenville, NC

I am guessing they included nurse practitioners into the " nurses " category . Their salary starts at about 65-70K/yr

anna fineltMay 05, 2014
jacksonville, FL

I would venture to add that the salaries referenced are not base pay salaries and they include shift differentials, hazard pay, and quite possibly overtime, etc.

S  Nowlin,  RN, BSNApril 19, 2014
Williamsburg, VA

I agree with you Jenny, Nurses in Florida are not making that much. Georgia is worse, my pay in Georgia was half of what I am getting in Florida.

Roberto  Rivera March 31, 2014
Orlando, FL

I agree that these are seasoned nurse salaries. I have 13 years experience PLUS specialty certifications and the above graph is relatively correct. I can verify both Florida and Alabama with my career.

Kristina Knox,  RN,OCN,Nurse EducatorFebruary 26, 2014
Huntsville , AL

Jenny, I ask the same question about Illinois. Yet, I have heard that many workplaces ask that nurses 'not' discuss their salaries......

Sue ,  RNJanuary 30, 2014

I would like to know how many years experience these nurses are making this kind of money and in what specialty? I know my fellow nurses aren't not even close to this salary in Florida.

Jenny Lusardi,  RNJanuary 16, 2014
Orlando, FL


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