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2014 New Grad Digital Edition

A guide to jumpstart your nursing career

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I feel very lucky to have escaped the requirement to get a BSN- for once, I seemed to have been in the right place at the right time ( born in the 50's, 3 yr. diploma grad in the 70's ). I am nearing retirement soon, & will be putting $$ towards that vs. more schooling. I truly feel for the youth of today !!

jackie January 05, 2015

As a nurse who started as an LPN, I would encourage you to get your BSN for yourself if nothing else. You will never regret it.

Velma  Bailey November 18, 2014
Houston , TX

I understand the frustration you are probably feeling. I have been a nurse for 11 years with my AS. I have recently returned back to school for the RN-BSN program due to changes in the healthcare system requiring a BSN. I suggest that you do return to obtain your BSN. There are many online programs that will help you out. One major insight that I can give to you is to verify the electives that you need prior to signing up for an RN-BSN course. Typically at your community colleges the cost is much less expensive. Make sure you have all of your math, humanities, English, psychology classes. If you chose an RN-BSN program, find out what non-nursing classes are required otherwise you will be paying a lot more money. Trust me I'm in this boat now and will be CLEPing 2 out of the 3 additional classes I need. BTW, NY is one of the 3 states that had wanted legislature to require a BSN in order to work in a hospital. This had fallen through yet all hospitals are still pushing for it. Best of luck to you.

Laurie DeCrotieNovember 04, 2014
Orlando, FL

Keep your chin up Marcine, how about having one of that but "No experience" therefore they are so sorry they cant hire us at this time. How will we get the experience if we are not hired!!!! is there anyone out there who has the answer to this?? is there a place out there that is offering 'Experience"??? i am ready; and please don't tell me to volunteer, i have for almost 2years!! that did not help.

we ( new grads) need a "voice"!!.

Rose   ,   RN October 22, 2014



I graduated nursing school in may of 2014, passed the enclex in June of 2014 and I am having problems finding an RN job, no one seems to want to hire people with Associates Degree in nursing, why should I have to do my bachelors right away in order to get a job, I need to work and make some money first. it sometimes feels like a waste of time having gone to this much trouble getting the associates degree.

marcine  parris October 10, 2014
Bronx , NY

Education is best knowledge

Adebisi olaoluwa,  PastorMay 02, 2014

i wanna do further study through part time..i ve completed bsc.nursing..
what should i do for a better future..i like
i ve wrkong since last three yrs at gvt.
i like an administrative post..

surabhi khare,  staff nurse,  want further educationMay 02, 2014
bhopal, WA


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