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Writer's Guidelines

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General Policies
ADVANCE accepts original articles by members of the nursing profession, professional writers and members of related healthcare professions. Topics should reflect nursing practice and issues of interest to the nursing profession. Once accepted, manuscripts become the property of ADVANCE for Nurses and may be used in any channel by any of the ADVANCE family of publications/websites. Authors must sign a transfer of copyright prior to use. Once used by ADVANCE, the edited version of an article cannot be reproduced elsewhere without permission from the publisher.

Preparing the Manuscript
Articles should range between 1000 and 1,200 words. They should be submitted as a Word attachment emailed to The author's e-mail, mailing address and phone number must be included. Illustrations, photographs and charts are accepted to complement the article and must be submitted in jpg format at 300 dpi. All accompanying materials should be labeled to provide appropriate credit to the originator. Suggested captions are required. If using non-original material, the author is responsible for obtaining and showing evidence of permission to reproduce. ADVANCE will not accept any financial responsibility for using non-original works.

The article should include a suggested title and the name or names of the authors with their credentials. Degrees and accreditations, professional titles and current position should be included. Subheadings are encouraged throughout the article to enhance readability.

All statements based on published findings or data should be referenced appropriately. References, which should not be more than 5 years old, should be listed in numerical order in the text and at the end of the article. The reference list should be formatted following the American Medical Association style (see below for more details).

All submissions are edited for clarity, style and conciseness in accordance with ADVANCE format.

Subject Matter
ADVANCE will consider articles on any topic relevant to nursing, including:

  •  Articles that review established clinical techniques or outline new techniques and new technologies in every specialty of nursing.
  •  Articles about new and innovative approaches to clinical care.
  •  Articles related to legislation and regulations, nurse management, disease management and its complementary therapies, outreach nursing programs, healthcare delivery systems and professional development.
  •  Articles specific to any nursing specialty area.

ADVANCE also welcomes letters to the editor and guest editorials.

ADVANCE for Nurses Reference Requirements
ADVANCE for Nurses presents information regarding references and resources according to American Medical Association style. If unfamiliar with this format, provide the information requested below. Note: Referenced material should not be more than 5 years old; older citations will be questioned.


  •  Author name(s)
  •  Date of publication (year, month, date)
  •  Title of article
  •  Title of journal/magazine/newspaper
  •  Volume number, issue number of journal/magazine (not necessary for newspaper)
  •  Page number(s)
  •  If "in press," please indicate


  • Author/editor name(s) (please indicate whether author or editor)
  • Year of publication
  • Title of book
  • Edition number of book, if any
  • Publisher's name and city/state
  • If "in press," please indicate


  • Chapter author(s)
  • Year of publication
  • Chapter title
  • Book editor(s)
  • Book title
  • Chapter page numbers
  • Publisher's name and city/state
  • If "in press," please indicate



  • Document author, if any
  • Date document was posted (if available)
  • Title of document
  • Publisher's name and city/state (if available)
  • Date you accessed the document
  • Complete address (URL) of site where document was found (copy and paste from address line of browser)


  • Complete address (URL) of site is sufficient (copy and paste from address line of browser)


  • Presenter's name
  • Date of presentation
  • Title of presentation
  • Name of forum where presentation took place (conference, etc.)
  • City/state of presentation


  • Follow format for books
  • Include agency/organization name and report number where appropriate


  • Follow format for books.

For further information, contact Danielle Bullen Love (

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