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Certifications can be a great way for LPNs wishing to expand their knowledge in specific areas become more marketable to employers by verifying their skills on a particular subject. Both national LPN associations (NFLPN and NAPNES)  offer two certification options for practical nurses nationwide (even for non-members). To receive certification, an LPN must pass an exam.

NFLPN offers gerontology and IV therapy exams. NAPNES offers  pharmacology and long-term care certifications.

Here is more info:

NAPNES Certifications

NAPNES offers certification in pharmacology and long-term care (LTC). The LTC exam covers geriatric issues as well as the care of chronically ill patients who might live in a skilled nursing facility.

The NAPNES pharmacology certificate [NCP(TM)] is available to anyone holding a current LP/VN license.

Preparation for the NAPNES Pharmacology Certification exam is incorporated in the curricula of many PN nursing schools across the country or is taught as a separate course.

Optional study materials are available from NAPNES. Candidates may take the exam upon completion of their coursework or may challenge the exam based on work experience.

The long-term care certificate [CLTC(TM)] is available to anyone who holds a current LP/VN license, documents 2,000 hours of long-term care practice within the previous 3 years and receives a passing grade on the certification exam.

Nurses must go for NCP or CLTC recertification every 3 years to remain certified. Recertification requires documentation of continuing education and employment in the area of certification.

 For more information, go to

NFLPN Certifications

Follow these steps for  a gerontology or IV therapy certification from NFLPN:

  • Obtain registration form (see and send to NFLPN. Include with it a copy of licensure, $175 fee payment, and a letter of endorsement that vouches for the nurse's clinical training and experience signed by a nursing supervisor. (A copy of school transcripts that indicate successful passing of an IV therapy course is also acceptable). A specific course in gerontology is not required.
  • If the application is approved,  test preparation materials are sent to the LP/VN while the exam is sent to the nurse's sponsoring institution and referred to the supervisor that will proctor the exam.
  • Nurses prepare for the exam(s) by reviewing outline video(s) and suggested readings (text list for gerontology only).  There are no study time limitations.The sponsoring facility will administer the test in a secure environment and return all test materials to Educational Resources Inc. (ERI), which  then scores tests and generates diagnostic scores and a certificate (upon passing).  Scoring and returning of results will be provided within 7 days.
    The LP/VN who passes the certification exam will be placed in the NFLPN's certification roster and will earn the appellation GC or IVC.
  • Certified LP/VNs must recertify every 2 years. The fee for recertification is $105, and the nurse must provide proof of 20 continuing education credits related to IV therapy/gerontology, or retake the certification exam.
  • Upon passing, a new certificate will be issued.
  • Certified LP/VNs must recertify every 2 years. The fee for recertification is $105, and the nurse must provide proof of 20 continuing education credits related to IV therapy/gerontology, or retake the certification exam.
  • Upon passing, a new certificate will be issued.

The 2-year certification also includes:

  • 1-year membership with  NFLPN
  • Test content outline video
  • Paper/pencil exam and answer sheet
  • Scoring and diagnostic reports
  • Certificate (upon passing)
  • National registry
  • Shipping and handling costs
  • Earned titles IVC/GC
  • Enamel lapel pin to signify certification status

For more information, contact Bonnie Aureli at Educational Resources at or 800-292-2273, ext. 118.

Other Certifications

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I have been an LPN for 13 years, most of which has been in a mental health area,, dementia etc,. I now work in a mental health out patient clinic, is there a certification for this?

Karen Echols,  LPN,  vaOctober 27, 2015
tuskegee, AL

I am currently an LPN working in the ED with 2 RN's. I have my ACLS, & PALS. I have taken the TNCC and was given my certification of completion where I attended & passed the course, however I was not awarded actual certification because I am not an RN. I was wondering if I could do the same with the CEN?

Mary Craig,  LPN,  Wayne County HospitalJune 05, 2013
monticello, KY

I am working on licensing in Florida. The board of nursing tells me that I can license by endorsement. I need to take the LPN refresher. Can you help?

jeanie irwinMay 02, 2013
riverview, FL

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