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Book Review

The Energy of Reiki

Reiki is a practice that anyone in the medical profession can incorporate into the healthcare module.

Reiki Energetics: Energetic Theories & Practices for Healing & Wellness
By John Kroneck
Balboa Press, 2012, soft cover, 295 pages, $19.99

Nurses are first and foremost healers. Nurses help heal not only patients' minds, but their hearts and souls. This holistic practice of healing is not new to the world of medicine, as nurses have been practicing the art of a healing touch since Florence Nightingale. It wasn't until the late 1800s, however, that a name was applied to this practice, which is now known as Reiki.

Reiki is a Japense word that means Spiritual Life Energy. Reiki's origin can be traced back to Japan and its founder Dr. Usui. In John Kroneck's book, Reiki Energetics, the history of the healing touch is given as a prelude to the actual art of the practice. This manual combines the forces of energy systems, psychology, conscious awareness and personal growth, producing an influential and distinctive all-inclusive method to self-restoration and continued good health.

Though this book is not directed at nurses; it is a practice that anyone in the medical profession would clearly recognize and find easy to incorporate into the healthcare module.  As the author points out, however, Reiki Energetics is its own discipline with precise skill sets and restorative processes. Though this is not a new approach to healthcare, it is finally gaining recognition and thereby respect which sanctions the Reiki healer's function in the client's healthcare encounters.

This book is not written as a manual for self-healing, but it is meant as a guide to increase awareness and encourage empowerment toward the ownership of one's healing process. However, it is imperative to point out that to actually practice the art of Reiki, schooling is involved. Reiki Energetics should not be used as a guide to the practice of Reiki, but rather as an informative supplement that can be used by professionals with other healing modalities.

Gina Mangini-Snyder lives in Wallingford, PA, and is currently employed as a school nurse.

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