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Regional News: LPNs Face Phase Out

A union that represents LPNs in Pennsylvania is reportedly attempting to reverse a soon-to-be-expected "phase out" of practical nurses.

According to a recently published report by the Republican Herald, LPNs at Schuylkill Medical Center-South Jackson Street in Pottsville have been informed they will have their jobs replaced by September. The Schuylkill Health board of directors is planning to add more RNs and nurse's aides in order to establish what's being described as "a new healthcare delivery model," according to the report. In all, 41 full-time and 10 part-time LPNs are expected to be impacted.

Union president Denise Smith told the Herald he's "hoping the hospital will reconsider and know that [LPNs] play a vital role in the hospital's day-to-day patient care."

As of now, LPNs will reportedly have the opportunity of either becoming aides, which would lead to salary cuts of approximately $5 per hour or pay to return to school to become RNs.

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i am an LPN who has not worked (personal issues) since the early 90's. i need a refresher course to be employable. in northern illinois what lpn refresher courses there were in 2015 & before have since been revoked. i called the ill. dept. of professional regulation & asked about lpn refreshers & was told they no longer exist. i am still checking with a few colleges in southern ill. that are listed to have lpn refresher courses but i think i will be told they no longer offer them. so,.......if there are any other LPNs out there who need refresher courses to return to work,......i would say, to continue in nursing u'll have to go RN or retrain in the allied health area. its a shame LPNs are being phased out. i believe its a money issue.

Denise Love,  LPN,  not workingJanuary 09, 2016
joliet,, IL

i can't see a cna or ma replacing a rn. Yes ma are trained to do the same as a lpn, a lot of placing are using them for cost efficient.

santrelle June 01, 2015

In Maryland CNA's and MA's hold positions once held by LPN's and Rn's. This doesn't make sense. How can someone with NO theory or real training be trusted to work with the health concerns of public? The last place I worked the CNA was my supervisor and unit the manager.

It was a joke because theses CNA's were clueless. They didn't understand the medical terminology or lab values. As a result, I witnesses many errors and neglect of care issues. It was very dangerous to work there and any nurse that did work there was jeopardizing their license. Currently, I am in school training as a medical coder. As a coder I will be responsible for applying the knowledge i acquired; not be responsible for the actions of a wannabee nurse.

LOUISE ,  LPNAugust 26, 2014
Baltimore, MD

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