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Caring for Yourself With Reiki

Bring positive life force energy into your life.

Nursing is known as one of the most stressful careers.

Politics, stress from caring for patients, long hours and demanding case loads affect even the most seasoned nurses.

What if there was something you could do to immediately bring yourself a sense of calm, increase mental clarity, re-energize yourself, and relieve stress and pain?

There is. You don't need a prescription, and you can self-apply this unlimited, free-to-use treatment with no equipment, any time 24x7.
It's called Reiki.

Reiki is a method of energy healing that works with life force energy. Life force energy is the non-physical aspect of everyone who is alive. This energy comprises thoughts, emotions and awareness of every experience in life.

The practice of Reiki involves helping to create a state of energetic balance, which releases stress, relieves pain and helps encourage healing. This is done by offering an extra measure of life force energy to the person in need. It can be given silently, with noticeable results.

Reiki means "guided life force energy." It was developed in Japan in 1922 by a Buddhist man named Mikao Usui, who became aware of a way in which to direct life force energy for healing. The method he developed became known as Usui Reiki.

Reiki is directed simply, via intention, or "directed thought." A person who practices Reiki learns how to simply think "Reiki" and then a simple direction is given, such as "relieve pain." The energy does the rest.

While Usui Reiki has structured hand positions, ritual and symbols, it is actually not necessary to use these things. A new method of Reiki, called Practical Reiki, is now available to nurses, caregivers and the public. Practical Reiki does not involve any ritual beyond intention, and it is fast and effective enough for anyone to learn. You can learn Reiki for the benefits to your patients and for yourself.

Benefits of Learning Reiki for You

Improve sleep - Reiki self-healing is soothing and relaxing. Done before bed, you'll drift off into a restful sleep and wake refreshed.

Restore positive energy - If you feel drained after a day of patient care and high demands, sitting for a few minutes and giving yourself a Reiki session will allow negative energy to drain away, replaced by positive feelings of well-being and confidence. Caring for the caregiver is an essential part of avoiding burnout. Reiki can be given to yourself day or night, any time at all, even on a break during work. It's great for not bringing work stress home with you.

Improve mental clarity - Reiki can help you think clearly if there's a lot on your mind at once. Even 3 minutes can make a difference. Restore calm confidence and alertness by giving yourself Reiki in the morning before you go to work, in the middle of the day and after work to help you switch gears to your home life.

Keep your health vital - In the caregiving professions, you need to be healthy. Daily self-healing with Reiki helps you maintain physical health. It's widely known stress is a prevalent cause of illness. With nursing being one of the most stressful and draining careers, stress relief is of paramount importance to maintaining health. Reiki self-healing can keep stress levels down and help you sleep better. A less-stressed and well-rested person will enjoy better health than one who is stressed and doesn't sleep well. And if you get sick, Reiki will help you recover faster. The immune system is known to function better when the person isn't also stressed out. Reiki helps bring the systems into balance. This balance is beneficial to overall health.

Increase your intuition - Intuition can be a powerful way of sensing your needs and what's needed by those you care for. Practicing Reiki helps naturally strengthen your intuition, and it will bring about awareness on a new level for you in your personal life and at work.

Empower yourself - Learning Reiki can help you strengthen your relationships with family, friends and coworkers. There are simple ways to bring healing energy into your interactions, which will have an effect on how people respond to you. The benefits of self-healing include positivity, clarity and less stress. Right away, people around you will respond to this calmer, clearer, more positive you. But you can also extend the benefits of healing to your relationships by simple intention. Learning Reiki helps you apply it to yourself, your living space and your relationships. Simple techniques make a powerful and profound difference.

Spread the word - Once you experience the difference Reiki will make in your life, you'll want to share it with others. After learning Practical Reiki, you will be able to talk about it, give Reiki to others and even teach it to others as well.

How Is Reiki Taught or Learned?

Reiki is learned from one at the master level of Reiki, who passes the ability to give Reiki to others in a brief technique called an attunement. One needs no experience or psychic ability of any kind to receive an attunement. Attunements are immediately effective. Anyone who wishes can become attuned and immediately feel and practice Reiki.

You can learn more about Reiki in the book Practical Reiki  for Balance, Well-Being and Vibrant Health, a guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method (

Alice Langholt is a Reiki master teacher and founder of the Reiki Awakening Academy in Cleveland. 

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