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Book Review

Transcultural Nursing Theory & Models

A must read for the nurse currently practicing.

Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice and Administration
By Priscilla Limbo Sagar
Springer Publishing Company, 2012, 137 pages, soft cover, $50

Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice, and Administration is a must read for the nurse currently practicing. National and global changes in demographics, a changing global economy, have further dramatized the need for culturally competent nurses. I found this book to be what I had hoped for and more related to my understanding of the concept of transcultural nursing (TCN). 

The author provides a succinct synopsis of one transcultural healthcare theory (Madeleine Leininger's Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality), five models (Purnell's Model of Cultural Competence, Campinha-Bacote's The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services, and Biblically Based Model of Cultural Competence, Giger and Davidhizar's Transcultural Assessment Model, Spector's Health Traditions Model), and one cultural assessment guide (Andrews/Boyle Nursing Assessment Guide for Individuals and Families) for the reader to assimilate. The author organizes this information into a meaningful and practical manner by demonstrating application of these concepts into three important categories: nursing education, nursing practice and nursing administration. 

As an educator, I found the NCLEX style questions at the end of each chapter particularly helpful for immediate application of the information gained related to the chapter's highlighted theory or model. In addition to the questions, the reader is exposed to case scenarios with thoughtful questions for reflection that can be easily incorporated into one's teachings whether as a hospital-based staff educator or nurse educator in academia. 

As a Baby Boomer nurse, my exposure to TCN has been limited and somewhat fragmented up to this point. This book has helped pull together the various holistic TCN models into a meaningful way, and ignite an enthusiasm to embrace teaching TCN to my students.

I would highly recommend this book to any nurse who is looking to deepen her understanding of the many diverse cultures she encounters at the bedside, or out in the community using components of the theory, models and assessment guide presented in this book.

Coleen Toronto is assistant professor at Curry College, Milton, MA.

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