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MA: LPN Named Employee of the Month at Tewksbury Hospital

MA: LPN Named Employee of the Month at Tewksbury Hospital
Tewksbury Hospital CEO Sandra Akers recently announced that Sheila Nutall-Rutledge, LPN, has been recognized as Employee for the Month of December.

A 23-year veteran nurse at Tewksbury Hospital, Nutall-Rutledge was nominated by her unit supervisor, Alan Gosselin, RN, for demonstrating the caring compassionate nature attributed to nursing on a daily bases. 

"Sheila always has a kind word for patients; always taking the time to meet their needs," Gosselin said. "Whether it is a phone call, writing a letter to a family member, running an errand to acquire some personal item or just listening, the service she provides our population is invaluable. Moreover, Sheila is always willing to accept the new challenges we face on a daily basis ... without complaints. She has earned the respect of her peers and leads by example. "

Nutall-Rutledge came to Tewksbury Hospital as a graduate from the hospital's PN program. When she began working, there were 60 patients on a unit and each room had four to six patients, officials said. Now there are mostly single and double bed units.  

"Because I have been at Tewksbury Hospital for so long, I have another family," Nutall-Rutledge said. "Co-workers developed into many friendships, they are important to me and very supportive over the years, they are the reason I enjoy working at Tewksbury Hospital."

Born in Lowell with five children, Sheila now lives in New Ipswich, NH.

"The work I do is important; giving back to the community," she said. "There is no other feeling like it. I enjoy coming to work and very honored to be recognized."

Funded through the Tewksbury Hospital Endowment Fund, the purpose of the Employee of the Month award is to bring recognition to outstanding Tewksbury Hospital employees. Nominated by other employees, the award includes public recognition citation, a very special parking space, and permanent engraving of his or her name on a public displayed plaque.


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