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Flemington, NJ - Hunterdon Medical Center Foundation Receives Gift to Support Development of an Integrative Medicine Center

Long-time Flemington resident, Linda von Thaden has made a $1 million lead gift that will provide seed funding for the development of an integrative medicine center on Hunterdon Medical Center's (HMC) campus.

Over the next five years, HMC will seek additional funding from the community to support full program development and construction of a center.

Integrative medicine selects evidence-based therapies from both systems, thus "integrating" the two in a more holistic approach to patient care. Common types of integrative medicine interventions include nutrition, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage.

Von Thaden is among the growing number of patients that have experienced results from integrative medicine. Her own personal journey began several years ago when one of her children was having attention issues in kindergarten. School officials were "strongly encouraging" her to put her child on medication. She sought the advice of several different practitioners in hopes of finding an alternative to medication. Just as she was about to give in and try the medication, a family physician who played soccer with her husband suggested they bring the child to see him.

He immediately identified several allergy issues and advised eliminating peanuts, soy and wheat from the child's diet. Two weeks after she made these changes, she was on vacation with her family in Florida, when her child turned to her unprompted and said "Mommy, I feel so much better."

A few years later she sought out the advice of the same physician for herself. She had been feeling "out of balance" and experiencing a host of physical and mental symptoms that other physicians had been unable to diagnose. He suspected and eventually diagnosed mercury poisoning from her silver fillings. After having the fillings removed and undergoing chelation therapy, her mercury levels were way down and she was feeling immensely better.

Von Thaden says her experiences with integrative medicine not only transformed the lives of her and her children, they transformed her view of healthcare, and she is excited to be able to help make these services available to Hunterdon County's residents.

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