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Resources for nursing management; critical care, med/surg and emergency nurses; and LPNs.


Nurse Mentoring

Transforming Nurse Education

Hospitals nationwide are creating advance nurse training and mentoring programs to meet patient needs today and tomorrow.

Critical Care

Getting 'BUGG'-ed

Looking at the benefits of universal glove and gowning to help prevent healthcare-associated infections


Battling HIV

The state of this autoimmune disease is closely scrutinized in the nation's capital


ADVANCE helps healthcare professionals find jobs and stay on top of their careers with dozens of in-person and virtual events each year.

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The Sixth Vital Sign

The subjective nature of pain has made understanding it and developing evidence-based protocols a challenge

Emergency Department

Delirium, Dementia & Depression

Providing nursing care to patients with one of the '3Ds' can confuse caregivers as many also have one or both of the other conditions.



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