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Salary Survey Results

2013 Salary Survey

Fill out the 2013 ADVANCE for Nurses Salary Survey and get counted! We'll tally the results and report regional and national findings starting in August.



Wow. I clicked on last year's survey and it reported that in Texas the average hourly wage was $31.05/hr with $66,372/year. I would like to apply to a facility that offers wages like that! After taxes, etc. I net $19.25/hr. And like in the other comments, work conditions leave a lot to be desired.

Rescue Ninja,  RN,  stateJuly 12, 2013
San Antonio, TX

I agree, that all acute care facilities are cutting back and claim low revenue, only to continue to build and increase facility locations. It seems nurses, as the largest workforce in the hospital, bear the brunt of the cutbacks. Low wages. Continually increasing responsibilities. Rising nurse patient ratios. It all adds up to deplorable working conditions, high stress, and poor patient care. This environment can be likened to factory-like conditions before unions were created to protect the exploited. I see no other solution than to create unions to better the profession. Nurses are a huge workforce. Why are there so few unionized states?

Amy Sheridan,  RN, BSNJuly 03, 2013
Memphis, TN

I agree with all of the above. Nurses need a voice. We have been underpaid and underappreciated far too long. And the agency nurse is mostly unappreciated and most abused. we are given the worst assignments and the first to be canceled. The pay is all most look at. No one ever considering that there are no benefits such as insurance, sick time, paid vacation time,ect. We all, do more than just give pills.

L ,  RN,  HospitalJuly 03, 2013
Birmingham, AL

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