Educational Handouts

As a free resource to our readers, ADVANCE offers convenient downloadable handouts on a range of health topics encountered by clinicians. These one-page, easy-to-reference guides are designed to be printed out and distributed to patients. Clinician’s guides are designed for printing and keeping on hand in the clinic. These handouts are authored by licensed clinicians and specialists, and backed by current research.

The two newest handouts are open access. To view and print the archived handouts, viewable by category below, you may be asked to sign in or to create an account. For comments on these handouts or to suggest a handout topic, e-mail Jonathan Bassett at


Telehealth & Wellness

An app to monitor all aspects of health.

CareEvent for Nurses

An app that helps improve patient care.

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NICHE for Patient and Family

A mobile health app for older adult patients.

Medical ID and Health Application

Accessing emergency medical identification from a patient's phone.

Electronic Access to Surgical Events

Communicating with family during an operation.

Apple Watch

Next generation of healthy lifestyle promotion hard for users to ignore.


Prevention and treatment options for common geriatric syndromes and disease conditions.

WOW ME 2000mg

A tool for heart failure and helping patients manage symptoms.

Pulse Ox Tool of Cardiac Anomalies

Determine the need for further cardiac testing in infants.


Healthcare information at the touch of your fingertip.

Medco Pharmacy

An app that manages prescriptions - and their costs.


Technology to assist in better patient care.