Patient Educational Handouts

As a free resource to our readers, ADVANCE offers convenient downloadable handouts on a range of health topics encountered by clinicians. These one-page, easy-to-reference guides are designed to be printed out and distributed to patients. Patient handouts are designed for printing and keeping on hand in the clinic. These handouts are authored by licensed clinicians and specialists, and backed by current research.

The two newest handouts are open access. To view and print the archived handouts, viewable by category below, you may be asked to sign in or to create an account. For comments on these handouts or to suggest a handout topic, e-mail Jonathan Bassett at



NEW! Managing Gout

Treatment requires a multifaceted approach.


NEW! An Overview of Stroke

The sooner a stroke is detected and treated, the better chance a person has at recovery.


NEW! Bladder Training

Follow these guidelines to control the urge to go.



NEW! Mixing Supplements and Medications

Check with your healthcare provider about the potential side effects of supplements when taken with medications.

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