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Bullying Interventions

How nurses and nurse managers can foster positive relationships.

What is one of the biggest threats to nurses? Not job scarcity or on-the-job injuries but workplace bullying. In a poll on our website, only 3% of respondents reported never being bullied at work. 

ADVANCE for Nurses  has created a bullying e-book filled with information for nurses to utilize in combating bullying in the workplace. Let's put a stop to lateral violence in the workplace. Download this free resource today!


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More than 50% of nurses surveyed by ANA had been threatened or verbally abused at work.

Zero Tolerance for Bullying in Nursing

Policy shifts responsibility for a new nurse's longevity with the organization to staff.

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Anyone who engages in bullying should be counseled once, and if it ever occurs again that person should be terminated immediately. I just can't understand why this type of behavior is tolerated.

William ,  RNCOctober 14, 2015

The Hospital I worked at, had a formal, Mentoring Program, that included 2 full day conferences and Inservice for the Mentors. I was asked to mentor, and was happy to go to the 2 day program. But once I saw the "Break out" topics, and who led them, I wondered if the organizers had any idea who they were dealing with. The MEANEST Unit manager, who had driven many a new graduate to tears, and to seek employement elsewhere, was in charge of the discussion group entitled, "Nursing, do we eat our young?" It struck me as working at cross purposes.

nancy  nurseOctober 14, 2015

Currently, what's hurting the nursing profession the most are authoritarian personalities being mistaken for leaders and hired in management. Authoritarian personalities are bullies, and I've been unfairly bullied by them because they are not patient-focused, they are self-centered and only have self-interest in mind. To solve this issue, nurses need to get a dual MSN/MBA so they can learn the difference between good leaders and bad leaders.

Valerie October 03, 2015

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