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Reflections on Nursing

Nurses on Facebook filled in the missing information on fun questions.

We asked our Facebook fans to answer the following questions about nursing. We're publishing our favorite responses here. See your colleagues' creative responses and be sure to contribute your own thoughts on the nursing profession. 

The best thing about being a nurse is_____________

"Profound gratification for our gifts of knowledge"

"Being with people on the best day of their lives and feeling their joy."

"Caring for others who need a listener and supporter"

"Hearing someone say 'Thank you for your help. I'm feeling much better'."

"The capacity to care and endure."

"Touching someone's life."

"The work schedule."

"Its honor."

"You learn from experience."




The most challenging thing about being a nurse is_____________

"Being calm and efficient in emergency situations."

"Trying to care for those abusive, non compliant patients."

"That all the decisions financially made about how the position functions are made by someone who has never done my job."

"Having to care more for the computer and less for the patient."

"Having to hold your bladder for 12 hours while sorting everyone else out for the toilet."

"Not being able to perform skills you are qualified to do."

"Lack of sleep."

"Telling a mother that her child has passed away."

The best advice I can give a new nurse is_____________

"Never be afraid to ask questions."

"Pay attention to detail, take good notes, check and double check."

"Work as a team."

"Be patient always."

"Be bold and be humble."

"Not to judge people with addiction."

"Love your job and document your work."

"Be flexible and willing to learn new things and new specialties."

"Respect all patients."

If I could change one thing about my nursing career it would be_____________

"Starting earlier. I was a "mature" aged student."

"Zero tolerance for bullying"

"Starting my post-grad sooner."

"Not settling and striving for more."

"Getting the BSN from the beginning."

"Night duty."

"For everything to be about the patient and not about the metrics and the almighty dollar."

"Not a thing. I love my job and what is point of complaining"

"Not one thing. My heart is forever with my patients."

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