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The Future of Healthcare

Nurses share their thoughts on healthcare's future changes.


I love what everyone wrote already. good points I have went for my cert. in NICU, had all the cert Acls,Pals,NPR and BSN that entitles me to be a boss. We might be getting more but the places don't pay for anything anymore for our certs. Yes, healthcare is changing just like everything else in the world. How many gadgets do you have an pay more that is added to your budget. Remember, when cable tv promised no commercials and that is why we were signing up? Also, it took me twenty years out of my diploma program to get my BSN. I just want to do bedside nursing.

Kathy  Beider November 08, 2012
Collingswood , NJ

Heavy sigh!! 30 years of nursing and unemployed from the frustration of where the profession is going. Very worrisome. A step back is what was needed from the suffering of compassion stress syndrome. I believe EVERYONE is entitled to quality health care. But this is crazy where America is going "all about the money." It is so morally wrong. There are 3 governing bodies of our healthcare; Insurance companies, Lawyers and Pharmaceutical companies. The healthcare professionals have no say in the care delivered to our patients. We base the care on insurance coverage, we chart our "CYOA" and the medication is given on what is afforded. PLEASE!! give me a break. Maybe, Government taking over will stop this money driven profit attitude. Our patients are so ill now days and preventive care is needed with everyone giving reasonable cost care. Americans, think about it you pay the insurance company monthly and several years later make a claim which the insurance company "Governs" or tells you "We no longer cover that service." What is the difference with Government run or Insurance run? GERMANY gives free healthcare to all and yes they pay high taxes but the amount you pay for your monthly insurance would that not pay for the taxes to have FREE healthcare? Would you not think our patients would be better cared for? For the fact You and your love ones? THINK about it? Corporate business is ruining the healthcare system.

Janelle  Ahrenholtz,  RN November 08, 2012
Laramie, WY

It is too bad that the country didn't wake up and vote right in this election. We are taking the best health care and changing it to socialized medicine. Time will only tell how bad it will be but when spreading resources so thin it can't be good. Advanced practice nurses are a good addition as long as they practice within their expertise. I have had some lousy care from a NP who didn't know enough about the specialty she was practicing. This is pretty scarey. Lets see how much harder nurses will have to work now that employers are spreading resources out so that don't have to hire staff. The patient will suffer. Tell them to go and complain to congress. If you don't want change keep voting the same and see what happens.

Carla ,  RNNovember 07, 2012
Monson, MA

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