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Nursing Online Polls


Take our polls and share your thoughts in our Comments section below!



As a nurse, what is your favorite way to de-stress and unwind?

See what other nursing professionals are saying then share your tips on ways to de-stress in our extended comments section!


Do you think that there is a nursing shortage in the United States?

Let us know your thoughts and also see what other nurses are saying!


If you were promoted in the last year did you get a raise?

Answer our quick poll and then let us know if you received something other than a monetary incentive.


What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to medical drama TV shows?

Answer our poll and find out what your colleagues think!


Should RNs play a greater role in primary care?

Answer our poll and then see what other RNs are saying.


Do you advise your patients to wear sunscreen every day? Do you remember to wear sunscreen every day?

July is UV safety month! Answer these two important questions now and see what other nurses are saying.


We are launching a new blog and you have the chance to name it!

Submit your name suggestions for our new blog now...


Is your facility preparing for the Zika virus?

Share what you are doing in the comments, plus find out what other nurses are outlining.


Do you agree with the recent executive order to better regulate gun sales?

Share your answer and thoughts on this important topic with other nurses.


Should healthcare professionals be able to carry concealed weapons?

Answer this question and then share your thoughts on this timely topic with other nurse professionals.


What would it take for you to relocate for a job?

Enter your choices and see how other nurses responded.


Does your workplace have a violence prevention program?

Answer this question and more related to workplace violence... then discuss this important topic with other nurse professionals.


Presidential Healthcare Platforms

Take our poll and leave your comments.


Do You Have a Breast Cancer Hero?

Share your stories here.


Is there a nursing shortage?

Take our poll and leave your comments.


Do you think nurses need a BSN?

Share your thoughts in this topic now!


Who has bullied you at work?

From peers to patients, share your bullying experiences with our nurse community.


What is your No. 1 reason for becoming a nurse?

Whether it was an interest in healthcare or another nurse in the family, let us know how you chose the profession.

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