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Who has bullied you at work?

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  Last Post: January 15, 2016 | View Comments(29)

I have been continuously bullied, harassed and publically embarrassed by one particular nurse for years. I've reported her behavior to nursing management also for years. This last incident which occurred on Dec. 4, 2016 involved my helping her assess the placement of a naso-gastric tube. After my assessment, I asked her if she checked the x-ray and she exclaimed and very loudly "don't ask me stupid questions".. When I told her not to speak to me in that manner, she then said: "if you don't like it, leave." She then said that she'll report me to the chief executive officer of nursing. I documented the incident, gave it to the supervisor, who then told me that the matter will be discussed when the assistant vice president of cardiology nursing returns from sick leave. Upon her return, there was a make-shift meeting, with the supervisor, the VP of cardiology nursing, me and this nurse. I explained my situation and then she explained that the events did not occur as I've stated. She also said that often times, she defends me when I work I get impatient with certain patients and I work in haste. I appreciate her help, but this doesn't give her the license to be rude to me in public. I've often confronted her privately on her treatment of me, and she gets more angry. The VP of cardiology services, as it appears to me, confused the two issues. I refused to submit to this woman and the VP then stated that this is an issue for the nursing union to become involved. I've already submitted this documentation to 3 nursing union representatives

Carole Avdelis,  RN,  hospitalJanuary 15, 2016
Brooklyn, NY

I graduated at 48 As an RN,second career and was delighted to serve,loved my new career.I looked much younger like 25 and was referred to as "the pretty nurse"I was so sweet and innocent loving my new career.However I was bullied at every single hospital Including HCA And Tenet.Wrongfully blamed for errors made by other peers,even when a patient died soon after a premature discharge the doctor removed the discharge order,erased computer records and said I discharged the patient without an order.However my manager stood by me,called in a computer Expert and was able to find the file and discharge orders in the computer.I resigned from that HCA hospital so fast and hope that Dr gets whats coming to him.I still have my license but refuse to work as an RN.All that money down the drain for a college degree and only worked P/T for 10 years.I was an easy target for all those Bullying and Backstabbing Nurses.Not Worth it.I would have to spend it ALL on my Health Care.However I do miss taking care of patients and observing the results of a job well done and feeling blessed to serve humanity.

Rita ,  RN,  FL Medical CenterOctober 28, 2015
FortLauderdale, FL

I was 50 when I received my ADN. I worked on a PIMC. Unbeknownst to me I was continually set up by others which escalated to a confrontation between the charge nurse and nurse manager. I was accused of doing something on a day I wasn't even at work. The charge nurse told me I was incompetent and needed to find another profession. I was 6 months out of school. Needless to say I moved to another floor where the nurses took me under their wings and made me a better nurse. Five years ago, I became the Nurse Coordinator for ECT. Last year I received my BSN. Every time we get a new manager (three in the last 3 years) they try to bully me by micro managing the area, not really offering any assistance, only criticism. After about one month or so they realize that this department is the least of their worries. Unfortunately, they still offer no support and do not have any nurses who can help when our numbers flux. Right now we have only 4 nurses who can do our job. The new nurse manager we have is from the OR and she expects us to flex to preop and the preadmission testing right after our patients leave. We have no help from the nurses under her. She is tall and uses her height to muscle her desires known. I love working in ECT and I love the patients, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists we work with but the constant threat that permeates the entire hospital is very stressful. I overhear other nurses saying they are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. Needless to say many nurses are leaving the facility. We are supposed to be on the road to Magnet Status but I really think we will never get there unless there is a change in attitude.
I have 11 years to retirement and can hardly wait. I stay for my patients.

Bette Avila,  RN-BSN,  Methodist Specialty and Transplant HositalJune 24, 2015
San Antonio, TX

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