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Every day there are new employers who are searching for you online. Yes, even right now they are looking for someone with your skills and experience. If you are actively searching for a new job everyday online or you belong to the vast majority of NPs out there who are what we call “passively” searching, meaning if the right opportunity came along you would be open to changing jobs, you need to find a way to be found. In order to be found, you must do more than merely exist online. Sure, creating an account to “link” to employers is a start, but if you wish to leverage the full capability of professional networking sites, you need to optimize your published information.

Search algorithms have changed in recent years to become much more efficient and accurate. Understanding the logic behind a search will enable employers to find you much more readily and easily.

Search engines now utilize what is called “natural” or “organic” methods. And no, it has nothing to do with GMO or gluten-free. It just means that the search tools have been programmed to find not just credentials but also to comb the job seekers entire profile to find cues and keywords that suggest they are a better fit than the old fashion searches.

To take full advantage of this strategy you must keep in mind three important concepts.

Clear job descriptions. No more stating your experience as “assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.” Duh. Instead use real world detailed descriptions that more accurately reflect what you do in your current and past jobs. For example, use specifics such as suturing, managing diabetes or heart failure, or casting and splinting, etc. Being more specific leads to a better match.

Clear description of the job you are seeking. Stay away from generic “fast paced environment where I can use my skills.” Don’t be afraid to state what basically amounts to your job requirements. Somewhere out there is an employer who needs what you want, so don’t make it difficult for them to find you!

Engage. One way to engage with your community is to seek and give endorsements. At least one popular networking site has the ability for users to endorse skills you wish to promote. Take a look at these and make sure they align with your goals, then get to work on some clicks! (Hint: Endorsing others can subtly remind them to endorse you.) Posting and commenting in discussion groups that either employers or other industry professionals frequent is critical too. Those who speak up are the ones who get noticed; those who don’t remain invisible.

Use these three strategies to boost your online image and help employers find you faster and easier.


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Renee Dahring, NP

Renee Dahring received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from North Dakota State University. In 2000, she earned her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and was reborn as a family nurse practitioner. She currently works as an NP in various correctional settings and teaches at a local university. She has several years of experience in recruiting and helping NPs find their dream jobs and is a featured speaker on resume writing and interviewing. In addition to being a self-proclaimed expert on job seeking, she continues her endless quest to promote latex allergy awareness.

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