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Picking a graduate school is a big decision that leaves a lasting impact on your career. If you could go back with the knowledge you…

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Read This Issue Now! Welcome to our comprehensive 2018 Nursing Salary Guide Results Edition. The survey results in this guide were accumulated based on feedback…

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One interesting anecdote was the correlation between education and salary differences at age range. For example, a nurse with an associate’s degree between ages 21–30…

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Why Nurses Need Their Own Malpractice Insurance When it comes to acquiring malpractice insurance, there can be many uncertainties that the majority of nurses will…

Salary Nurse Salary Survey Part 3 Specialty and Certification

Nurses certified in their specialty earn 23% more on average than their non-certified coworkers Perhaps the most interesting information in this year’s Salary Survey came…

Careers Bullying in the Workplace

Have you experienced bullying or violence in the workplace? Many people might not entirely grasp or understand the concept of bullying and/or violence in the…

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