FDA Issues Statement on Kratom


Data suggest potential for abuse

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a statement yesterday on the controversial use of kratom.

“As we deal with the devastating crisis of opioid abuse and overdose plaguing our nation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must remain vigilant and aggressive against trends that threaten to reverse our progress, or substances that have the potential to cause new epidemics of abuse,” read the statement.

“While it is important to generate more evidence, there is evidence that certain substances found in kratom are opioids and data suggest that one or more may have a potential for abuse. And its use has been on the rise and is of concern to the FDA.”

The statement cited the lack of adequate, well-controlled studies involving the use of kratom for opioid use withdrawal or other conditions.

The FDA issued warning letters to two vendors for marketing kratom products with scientifically unsubstantiated claims including ‘relieve opium withdrawals’ and to ‘treat a myriad of ailments.’

Simply, selling these unapproved kratom products with claims that they can treat opioid withdrawal and addiction and other serious medical conditions is a violation of federal law.

Read the FDA’s entire statement here.

Read more about kratom here.


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