NP & PA Salary by Academic Degree


Once a month during our salary survey reporting period, we release a focused report with detailed information about an aspect of our nurse practitioner and physician assistant salary survey. This report breaks down salary averages according to academic degree from the 2011 survey, with additional data drilldown for doctorate types. The tables show the average salaries by degree reported in the 2011 National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs, conducted by ADVANCE for NPs & PAs. We have included the 2010 averages to illustrate increases and decreases. In this report, we break down what NPs and PAs earn by doctorate type as well as all educational degrees, such as DNP salary, PhD salary for both NPs and PAs, DHSc salary and more. As with salaries overall, many declines are noted here. Some specific results include the following:

  • Of nurse practitioners with a doctoral degree, 25% have a PhD, and NPs with a PhD make an average salary of $95,449.
  • Of physician assistants with a doctoral degree, 47% have a PhD, and PAs with a PhD make an average salary of $101,514.

Data collection for the 2012 National Salary Survey will open on June 1. To ensure that your market, specialty or degree group is adequately represented in the results, be sure to take the survey and encourage your colleagues to participate.


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