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FDA Approves Adiana Permanent Contraception System

The FDA has granted premarket approval for the Adiana permanent contraception system manufactured by Hologic Inc.

Reportedly designed to provide women with an alternative to traditional, surgical means of permanent contraception, Adiana is described as a minimally invasive system that requires no incisions and can be performed in a doctor’s office using local anesthesia.

Patients are normally able to return to work or resume their daily activities within 1 day, officials said.

“While tubal ligation is the most common form of permanent contraception used throughout the world, hysteroscopic procedures such as those employing the Adiana permanent contraception system enable women to choose lifetime protection from pregnancy without the risks of general anesthesia and the longer recovery periods associated with traditional sterilization procedures,” said Ted Anderson, MD, PhD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Vanderbilt University and clinical investigator of the pivotal clinical trial for the Adiana system. “The Adiana procedure is a safe and simple alternative that not only provides patients with peace of mind in preventing pregnancy, but also leaves nothing in the uterus that might limit women’s options for future gynecologic tests and procedures.”

Adiana is indicated for women who desire permanent birth control by occlusion of the fallopian tubes. Ideal candidates include those who do not want children in the future and would like permanent birth control. The procedure may also be a solution for women who desire permanent birth control but are poor candidates for surgery.

“Many women seek relief from the uncertainty and hassle of temporary birth control methods once they know their childbearing is complete,” said Tony Kingsley, senior vice president, gynecology surgical products at Hologic. “However, few know that permanent contraception is available without incisions, the use of general anesthesia or need for lengthy hospital stays. With the Adiana permanent contraception system, we are very excited to be able to offer these women a new alternative for their long-term contraception needs.”

During the procedure, a slender, flexible instrument is passed through the body’s natural openings to deliver a low level of radiofrequency energy to a small section of each fallopian tube. A tiny, soft insert (about the size of a grain of rice) is then placed in each fallopian tube in the location where the energy is applied.

During the 3 months following the procedure, the patient continues to use temporary birth control while new tissue grows in and around the Adiana inserts, eventually blocking the fallopian tubes. At 3 months, a hysterosalpingogram is performed to confirm the fallopian tubes are completely blocked and the patient may begin relying on Adiana for permanent contraception.

“This is another significant milestone for Hologic and our [gynecology]surgical products business,” Kingsley said. “With FDA approval of the Adiana system, we are now able to provide physicians with another non-hormone, minimally invasive therapy that addresses a significant issue for women in their post-childbearing years.”

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Disinfectant Kills Viruses, Other Micro-organisms on Hard Surfaces

Manufacturers of a new disinfectant claim their product provides 24-hour residual protection against the spread of viruses and infections.

SpectraSan 24, a disinfectant registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and produced by BioTech Medical LLC, can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces including handles, knobs, medical equipment, tables, etc.

Using patented technology silver dihydrogen citrate to kill 99.999 percent of all germs, SpectraSan 24 is currently the only registered disinfectant assigned the lowest toxicity rating (IV) by the EPA, according to BioTech officials, who also say the product kills germs in 30 seconds and super bugs like MRSA in just 2 minutes.

Said to be specifically formulated for acute care hospitals, trauma units, medical and dental offices, outpatient-surgery establishments, long-term care facilities, research laboratories, veterinary hospitals, home healthcare, hospices and child-care centers, SpectraSan 24 is also reportedly safe and effective in schools; fitness organizations; professional, collegiate- and high school sports settings; physical therapy centers; cruise ships; airlines; railways and buses; and correctional facilities

“BioTech Medical has a long-term history of successfully selling innovative healthcare products through various market channels and representative groups to multiple segments of the healthcare industry including hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and doctors’ offices throughout the United States, as well as internationally,” said Andrea L. Goren, executive director of BioTech.

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Online Initiative Features Enhanced Nursing Education

A new Internet provider is expected to provide nurses with increased patient education, staff training and telemedicine capabilities.

MediaCAST Healthcare, a joint effort of Richardson Technology Systems Inc. (TSI) and Inventive Technology Inc., offers an array of digital communication and learning programs including on-demand content and interactive video conferencing.

“The system has important advantages to both hospital staff and patients, and will help advance the quality of healthcare while reducing facility expenditures,” said Dean Myers, president of Inventive Technology Inc.

Among its reported advantages, MediaCAST enables hospitals to be at the forefront of new information through multipoint telemedicine conferences that allow real-time collaboration and access to live medical presentations, procedures and research.

MediaCAST also allows for convenient access to online training for nurses and staff, including medical equipment training, OSHA and HIPAA certification programs as well as original training content, according to officials.

“Our certified technicians and dedicated training support team have extensive experience with MediaCAST’s features and functionality,” said Rick Kennamer, Richardson TSI vice president of sales and marketing. “Healthcare facilities need to achieve maximum value on technology spending, and the MediaCAST system installed by Richardson TSI allows hospitals to leverage an integrated system and unparalleled customer support for improved operations and bottom line results.”

MediaCAST also impacts patients by empowering them to hold video conferences with loved ones from their hospital beds, have access to on-demand education videos to prepare for medical procedures and expedite a successful recovery at home, and receive greater, easier access to their doctors and specialized medical experts from around the world, officials said.

“With this technology, patients can be more informed, more independent and can be given improved, specialized care – even if they are in rural locations,” Myers added.

MediaCAST also reportedly allows administrators to create and distribute live video, video on-demand and digital signage displays that can be used to deliver family education, upcoming event announcements and emergency notifications throughout healthcare facilities.

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ID Bracelets Benefit Patients With Skin Issues

Endur ID has released barcoded wristbands to be worn by patients with sensitive skin.

According to the manufacturer, the wristbands are water, tear and stretch resistant, and are designed to exceed all current recommendations by the Joint Commission.

The wristbands are reportedly adaptable to most patient-information systems. Officials say the only requirement to implementation is the ability to format patient information and print to a desktop laser printer.

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Seca Announces Safe Measuring, Weighing Solution for Infants

The seca 462 baby cart has been designed to meet the specific needs of nurses, featuring:

• customized base placement compatible with the seca 727 and 728 baby scale to ensure safety and security;

• high-quality wrap-around bumper to prevent injuries;

• 21-inch storage compartment with adjustable shelf and pre-drilled threaded holes for side-mounted accessories;

• adjustable shelf;

• custom cart top;

• sturdy, uni-body steel construction;

• key lock with four keys;

• 5-inch premium rubber, ball bearing casters with brake and tracking caster;

• 24-inch cabinet; and

• 3-inch drawer.

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