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As I sit and stare out the window of our tearoom, looking out at Table Mountain ,I cannot help and feel a sense of wonder and how I blessed I am to live in such a beautiful country.

I get a sense of pride. I think of how blessed I am for all I have and I smile and with that my mind changes course to all those that in this festive season don’t have the same sense of pride that I feel.

I wonder how many of us actually think about those less fortunate…those who won’t have a warm meal ,a safe place to sleep.

Are we so reluctant to truly help, or do we live only for ourselves not wanting to get involved in someone else’s life story or drama. Have we become so numb?

You know what I mean…those people begging at street corners, or going through your rubbish bags outside…that leave most people with a bad taste in their mouths because they just waist your precious time, they invade your personal space. How can you feel that way?

Are they not also Gods’ children, you don’t know their story so do not judge or look down at them. Rather reach out a hand and help them up. Take 5 minutes to bless someone with a warm meal or blanket.

The bible teaches us that God said, “I asked you for something to eat and you refused me, I asked you for something to drink and you refused me,” but we so sweetly forget that God never forsakes us.

This is the season of love, goodwill and blessings. It is our Heavenly Fathers birthday. So I challenge those who dare to change the meaning of Christmas in their lives. Change it to giving to those in need, rather than giving to those that are not in need but rather in wanting!

I trust that this season will be blessed and safe for all.


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Leatitia Coetzee, RN

Leatitia Coetzee is a practicing nurse in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She is 30-years-old and fulfilling a lifelong dream of helping those in need and making a difference in the world … or at least the world she knows and lives in. She has always been a caring and passionate person, always wanting to help those less fortunate or in need. After graduating from high school, Leatitia went overseas, living and working in nursing homes in the UK and Scotland, and it was there she fell in love with nursing, knowing that she was in some small but significant way touching and changing the world.

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