State Breakdown of the 2011 National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs


Like the national data on 2011 salaries, our state-by-state breakdown of survey results documents numerous declines in salary across the country. Full-time salaries for physician assistants dropped in 24 states compared to 2010; nurse practitioners reported declines in 21 states. An interesting note is that physician assistants in 14 states reported average annual salaries of $100,000 or higher, but nurse practitioners in only five states reported average salaries matching or topping this amount. The tables in this focused report detail the mean and median full-time salaries reported by NPs and PAs in each state in 2011, with side-by-side comparison to 2010 data. Data collection for the 2012 national salary survey of NPs & PAs opens on June 1. Make sure your state is adequately represented by encouraging your coworkers and fellow state association members to participate.

Download the state-by-state salary report below.


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