Study Ranks Top 20 Most Commonly Diagnosed Conditions


Newly released research data shows the top 20 most common conditions diagnosed by primary care and specialist physicians. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity remain major areas of concern for doctors and patients across the U.S, the data from Practice Fusion’s Research Division show.

“February is American Heart Month and, as a primary care physician, I think it’s a perfect time to alert the community about heart disease being the leading cause of death for both women and men in the US,” said Robert Rowley, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Practice Fusion. “Studies shows that EHRs can help improve patient outcomes and Practice Fusion is proud to be bringing this technology to any doctor in the country for free.”

Top 20 diagnoses of 2010:

Back pain
Allergic rhinitis
Reflux esophagitis
Respiratory problems
Visual refractive errors
Fibromyalgia/myositis, neuritis
Malaise and fatigue
Pain in joint
Acute laryngopharyngitis
Acute maxillary sinusitis
Major depressive disorder
Acute bronchitis

Last year, Practice Fusion’s Research Division released a Prescription Index tracking the 20 mostly commonly prescribed medications by family practitioners, pediatricians and psychiatrists. That study showed the burden of asthma on children in the U.S. The index also highlighted that major depressive disorder is a leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44.

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