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Best Nursing Team Memorial Hospital UCH, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Nurses visualize PICC catheters, enabling them to deliver on-time medication administration TEAM: Vascular access (PICC) nurses ENTRY SUBMITTED BY: Lorri Jameson MSN/Ed, RN, VA-BC, nurse…

Best Nursing Team Newton Medical Center, Newton, NJ

This rural community hospital’s ICU nurses celebrate multiple patient safety accomplishments TEAM: Cardiac & Intensive Care Unit nurses ENTRY SUBMITTED BY: Laura Reilly, MSN, RN,…

Best Nursing Team Inova Loudoun Medical Center, Leesburg, Va.

Progressive mobility team’s efforts decrease mechanical ventilator days TEAM: ICU Progressive Mobility ENTRY SUBMITTED BY: Amanda J. Golino, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, clinical nurse specialist…

Best Nursing Team Gulf Coast Medical Center, Fort Myers, Fla.

Emergency department nurses reduce time to tPA administration for ischemic stroke patients TEAM: Emergency Department ENTRY SUBMITTED BY: Gregg MacDonald, MS, RN, CEN, PHRN, EMT-P,…

Best Nursing Team Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisc.

Virtual hospice nurses have been a valuable asset to bedside nursing staff Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisc. TEAM: Inpatient Virtual Hospice Program of Horizon Hospice CATEGORY:…


Nurse-led rounds give the profession a greater voice in patient decisions  All nurses are key players on the patient care team. However, at Ann &…

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