The Complete 2011 National Salary Report of NPs & PAs


This report presents the totality of our findings from the 2011 National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs. The Total Package 2011 contains our salary survey overview, the focused reports on salary by state, city and academic degree, and the questionnaire breakdown. We hope you find these data useful in your salary negotiations. Be sure to complete the 2012 National Salary Survey, which is being collected now. Find the survey on our homepage or at

Among the many findings from the 2011 survey are the following:

  • The average full-time salary paid to physician assistants dropped by $2,006 compared to 2010, and the average full-time salary paid to nurse practitioners dropped by $187.
  • NPs were paid the highest salaries in emergency departments, neonatal units and retail health clinics. PAs were paid the highest salaries in mental health settings, surgery settings and emergency departments.
  • In both professions, men continued to outearn women.
  • The average age among NPs is 47.7, and the average age among PAs is 42.6.

Advanced degrees pay off for both professions. NPs with doctoral degrees earned an average of $97,566 in 2011, and PAs with doctorates made an average of $98,373. What difference does the DNP make? Download this report to find out.


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