Website Ranks Ten Best, Worst States for Nursing Homes


Rankings determined by gathering of ‘hundreds of thousands’ of reviews

FamilyAssets is a website dedicated to providing comprehensive guides to every type of senior care. Recently, they compiled hundreds of thousands of nursing home reviews to determine the best and worst locations in the United State for elder care.

The main focus was the prevalence of ‘good’ (4-5 star) or ‘bad (1-2 star) reviews. Without any further ado, here are the lists, with the percentage of negative or positive reviews.

10 Worst States for Nursing Homes (percentage of 1-2 star reviews)

  • Nevada (46.9%)
  • District of Columbia (42.9%)
  • New Mexico (40.4%)
  • Georgia (37.2%)
  • Maryland (36.2%)
  • Arizona (36.0%)
  • New York (35.0%)
  • Florida (33.3%)
  • New Jersey (33.0%)
  • Texas (32.2%)

10 Best States for Nursing Homes (percentage of 4-5 star reviews)

  • South Dakota (84.4%)
  • Wyoming (82.6%)
  • North Dakota (78.6%)
  • Hawaii (77.4%)
  • Iowa (76.9%)
  • Utah (76.3%)
  • Alaska (75.6%)
  • Indiana (74.5%)
  • Kansas (74.2%)
  • Minnesota (72.7%)


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