Zylast Antiseptic Hand Sanitizers


Innovative BioDefense Inc., the creators of the Zylast line of antimicrobial products, recently announced that independent testing has demonstrated that its Zylast products are 100 times more effective against Norovirus than alcohol based hand sanitizers on the market. Research at BioScience Laboratories demonstrated that the Zylast products destroyed 99.97% of the Norovirus on contact. Unlike other alcohol based personal sanitization products, Zylast has proven it can effectively kill the Norovirus immediately, as well as offer persistence for six hours. Zylast products have also shown to be effective against Rotavirus, Rhinovirus and the H1N1 flu virus.

Alcohol based sanitizers have shown little or no effectiveness once the alcohol evaporates from the skin, about 15 seconds total. This means that immediately after using an alcohol sanitizer, the skin can become recontaminated. They have also shown negligible effectiveness against many viruses. In contrast, Zylast products are designed to be persistent. Studies in human skin substitutes have shown that Zylast continues to kill more than 97% of E. coli and S. aureus that are introduced one hour after application, and also destroyed more than 89% of new bacteria after 8 hours.

Products can be ordered at www.zylast.com.


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