Nurses Need Cultural Competence

Programs that promote cultural competence embody patient- and family-centered care at its best.

Artificial Skin Advancements

Synthetic skin developments are accelerating.

Teenage Patients' Advisory Committee

Every voice matters in this advocacy group at one children's hospital.

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Nurse Leadership & Staff Satisfaction

Transformational theory and servant leadership are key areas of focus today.

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ADVANCE 2016 Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

A comprehensive resource filled with articles on improving your career through education

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.

Online CE

Online CE

Earn CE Credits Online!

Unlimited CE for 12 months for one low price! Single courses also available. Access our entire ANCC-approved library!

Behavioral Issues After Brain Injury

Behavioral Issues After Brain Injury

Nurses can help patients and their families adjust to life after TBI.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery

An overview of this transition and the nursing care required.

Nursing News

Nurse Blogs

Nurse POV: Blogs

Featuring our most recent blog entries.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Nurses in Charge
By: Susan Sportsman  |  06/23/2016  |  09:37 AM
Nurse First, Manager Second
By: Samantha Therrien  |  06/22/2016  |  02:47 PM
In Oncology, Every Day Counts
By: Leatitia Coetzee  |  06/20/2016  |  11:06 AM
Nursing In Tragic Times
By: Diane Goodman  |  06/16/2016  |  03:44 PM
Life Doesn't Pause- My Return to Blogging
By: Colleen Villamin  |  06/16/2016  |  02:13 PM

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Get Moving

Activity advice for patients with diabetes

Magnet Map


An Interactive Resource

Go inside to interact with our new map of Magnet hospitals across the country.


Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Resource Center

Expert lung cancer articles break down the symptoms, latest research and treatment options.

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Patient Handouts


Kegel Exercises Explained

Kegel Exercises Explained

When performed correctly, these exercises help strengthen the muscles that support your bladder and urethra.

Self-Managing Arthritis Pain

Self-Managing Arthritis Pain

There are different types of arthritis and they each need a different approach to treatment.

Handouts Archive

Browse our full library for more helpful handouts designed for nurses and patients.

Pink Glove Dance

Pink Glove Dance

Calling All Dancing Nurses

The Pink Glove Dance competition wants you to groove for breast cancer awareness.

Coloring Therapy for Nurses

Hot Trend At Your Fingertips

Print our designs now to start feeling the relaxing benefits of coloring therapy... and share with your patients too.
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June's Hottest Nursing Jobs

June's Hottest Nursing Jobs

Browse June's top nursing searches on ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.

Top Nursing Job Searches by Location

Top Nursing Job Searches by Location

The top nursing searches by location on ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.

Top Nursing Job Searches

Top Nursing Job Searches

Looking for a job? We've compiled the top nursing searches on ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.

Opinion Polls & Surveys

Sunscreen Safety

NEW! Sunscreen Safety

Do you advise your patients to wear sunscreen every day? Do you wear sunscreen? Answer now.
Plus, see what other nurses are saying!


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Participate in all our past polls, see the results and join the conversation!

Student and New Grad Center

Conference Crash Course

Conference Crash Course

Tips for attending your first professional conference.

Salary Survey

Nursing Salaries 2015

Nursing Salaries 2015

Nurses share salaries by experience and salaries by practice location.

ADVANCE Healthcare Trending Topics

Treating and Preventing Hand Injuries from Fireworks

Treating and Preventing Hand Injuries from Fireworks

The Fourth of July can be devastating for those who sustain firework injuries.

Republican Health Plan Claims

Republican Health Plan Claims to Offer 'A Better Way'

But does it really? Partisans -- supporters and critics -- hold different views.

Comparing U.S. Healthcare Plan Proposals

Comparing U.S. Healthcare Plan Proposals

A look into three major plan philosophies for the United States.


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Nursing Trends

A New Take on Evidence-Based Practice

Sponsored by American Sentinel University

Personal Best

The Opioid Epidemic


New! Photo Gallery

Disaster Drill

Disaster Drill

"The Operation ""HOAX"" exercise offered an opportunity to observe and critique several aspects of emergency response procedures.

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