ADVANCE for Nurses

Digital Edition

Destination: Magnet Status

Community hospitals can achieve ANCC Magnet Designation. Learn from one facility's journey.  Achievable with teamwork and focus.

Differences between Natural and Synthetic Cannabinoid Medicines

Survey by International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines showed patients preferred and received better results from herbal, non-pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines rather than pharmaceutical products.  More studies needed to further understanding.

The Cost of Caring

The nursing profession is doing a better job of trying to understand compassion fatigue. Is your self-care ever missing and you just didn't have it in you to be empathetic one more time?  How real is compassion fatigue in your life?

The goal of this continuing education offering is to educate nurses about research and evidence-based practice, and their significance in nursing practice.

How to Nail a Skype Interview

Not being prepared can dramatically lessen a candidate's chances of being selected for a position. Minimize potential distractions and conduct interview in clean, quiet space.  Put best electronic self forward.