How to Reopen Salons and Spas After COVID-19

As American businesses begin to open their doors again, salons and spas are transforming their facilities into safe and sanitized sanctuaries in order to protect both their associates and clients.

However, beauty industry professionals are faced with the challenge of adjusting to the new normal. There will be necessary updates to address, processes to refresh, new protocols to follow, and clients to reengage in order for salons and spas to fully reopen.

While there’s a lot to be done, there’s no reason why reopening your beauty or wellness business shouldn’t be a grand event. Treat it like the special occasion that it is. The more thought and care you put into prepping for your reopening phase, the more comfortable and confident your clients will feel returning. Make it an event to remember!

Ready to reboot your business post COVID-19? Here’s everything that you should be doing to come back stronger than ever before.

Set a Strategy

Your spa or salon is likely to see a significant increase in clients when it reopens. However, it’s nearly impossible to rebook everybody who missed an appointment when they were hunkering down at home due to state mandated shelter-in-place orders.

In a post coronavirus world, waiting rooms are a thing of the past. You can only have so many clients inside your salon at once, so it’s vital to make the most of each and every booking. Consider inviting high-roller clients to book appointments first in order to boost your revenue from the get-go and make VIP customers feel special.

Additionally, consider launching a membership model. This is a great way to get clients to self-segment.

Streamline Your Services

Despite the fact that your salon or spa is reopening, it’s hardly business as usual. Back-to-back bookings shouldn’t be done anymore as your staff will need to thoroughly clean and disinfect their stations between each client.

It’s important to consider the services your business will offer after its initial reopening. Evaluate and prioritize your services based on which ones are the safest while having the most impact on your bottom line.

Update Your Policy and Procedures

Now is a good time to update your staff handbook, especially as your policies and procedures relate to new health and safety guidelines. Some things to consider include:

· Having your associates thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival and before and after each client

· Sanitizing all equipment and products used during an appointment

· Having associates wear a face mask and gloves

· Not allowing clients to bring an entourage with them to their appointment

Review and Rewrite Your Annual Business Goals

While January may have been a strong month for your spa or salon, things are looking a lot different now. Take a moment to review key performance indicators (KPIs), including retention, revenue, and obtaining new clients. If necessary, reset your expectations for this year and revise your business goals as needed.

Embrace Digital Sales and Consultations

If you sell products at your business or offer consultations on your menu, consider making both digital. Create a virtual retail store on your business’s website so clients can safely shop for beauty products and have items delivers straight to their front door. Use video conferences to conduct consultations with new clients to help free up space in your schedule for services that need to be done face-to-face.

Sanitize and Deep Clean Your Space

Before you reopen your doors, utilize this downtime to deep clean and sanitize your salon or spa. Consider hiring a sanitization company to thoroughly clean your business down to a microscopic level.

You can also make other updates to make your facility more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Slap a new coat of paint on the walls, swap out light fixtures, and bring the outdoors in by adding some fresh flora to your space.

Get the Word Out

Two weeks before your reopening, focus your attention on spreading the word that you’re back in business. You can do this by adding a banner to your website’s homepage announcing the exciting news, posting an update to your salon’s Facebook business page, or texting your clients.

The world has significantly changed due to COVID-19. Ensure that your salons and spas are ready by taking the necessary steps for a strong reopening.

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