Influencers Part 4: When You Need Inspiration for Social Media

Consistently producing content your audience will engage with has its challenges. You want fresh, fun, and interesting images, quotes, and videos your target audience will share with their friends and followers. Having resources handy to spark inspiration when you’re struggling can save you time and frustration.

Keep in mind, sharing original content you’ve created isn’t always necessary. Not only does resharing other users’ content help alleviate the stress of producing new posts regularly, but it’s a great way to build community with others in your niche. We suggest saving your favorite content in one place so that when you need a quick, easy idea to share with your followers, you will know exactly where to find it.

 Curate an Inspiring Feed

You’re already spending time on social media, so why not curate your feed into an inspiring space? Follow other users whose content you enjoy, creating a space that’s always providing new, fresh ideas. This also helps build community and grow your account.

Browse and Follow Hashtags

On Instagram, you can easily browse hashtags to find a number of inspiring posts and content to reshare. If you find a particular hashtag is a goldmine, follow it. Doing so will produce popular images from the hashtag in your feed, so you’ll never miss the perfect image.

Peruse Your “Explore” Feed

You’ve already curated a feed and followed hashtags to inspire your content creation. Now your explore feed will be full of hyper-targeted content specific to your interests, making it even easier to find inspiration.

Find Inspiration Outside of Instagram

While Pinterest is a great tool for finding inspiring content and new ideas, the lesser known We Heart It is an equally great resource. Aesthetically pleasing images for any niche or theme are readily available, making it easier than ever to find images to reshare with your followers.


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