Here Comes the Bride

According to CNN the current value of the wedding industry in the U.S. is valued at $53.4 billion. Don’t you want a piece of that cake? Providing “bridal” services might not be on your menu of services just yet, but it needs to be. Bridal services can include everything from mani/pedi’s, massages, facials, up-do’s, spray tans, professional makeup, and so on. No matter what services you are currently offering, it’s very easy to turn a simple service into a “bridal service.” Here are a few ideas to get you ready for bridal season.

Study up

What types of services are brides in your area looking for? Look at your competition and see what they’re offering brides. Are brides looking for on-site (your salon) services or off-site (their wedding location) services? Also, make sure you set your bridal rates based on your experience, expenses, and specialties—not just on competition alone.

Reach out

Contact vendors in your area and market yourself to them. Volunteer your services for a blog or a local photo shoot to get the word out and showcase your skills. Seek out photographers, caters, and event planners and introduce yourself, and even offer them free services in exchange for promoting your salon. Word of mouth is always helpful, but even more so in the wedding industry.

Market yourself

Provide brides with wedding-specific marketing materials. Offer bridal brochures that explain your services into detail and feature your packages. Have a specific bridal section on your website highlighting your services for the bride and her bridal party. Don’t forget the photos—pictures of your work are always helpful for brides to get a better idea of what you can provide.

Party on

A good majority of bridal parties are turning to a salon for the bachelorette party or a “spa day” before the big day. The salon is a great time for female bonding and your salon could be just the place for it! Offer a group discount or a special incentive for a bridal party booking. Champagne anyone? Brides love to be celebrated and creating packages for their needs will make your salon a one-stop shop for them.

Groom the Groom

Don’t forget about the groom—the bride will thank you! Even though women are the primary focus in a wedding, men are interested in salon services as well. Provide a few groom packages, such as a 60-minute massage, mini facial, and/or brow wax.

The wedding industry can be extremely profitable for a salon, but also very rewarding. Do your research, market yourself properly, and plan for some fun parties! There is something magical about making a bride feel beautiful for her big day. Going out of your way to provide additional services and adding a glass of champagne will guarantee their time at your salon to be memorable!

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