Social Media Influencers Give Some Marketing Tips

Influencers part 3: for social media influencers

Are you thinking about starting an Instagram account to promote your killer cosmetology skills, esthetics knowledge, or beauty business? Or maybe creating a community for industry professionals to connect sounds, laugh, and learn is more your style.  Whether you’re looking to venture into Instagram as a hobby or for professional reasons, we asked the pros for their best advice to get you started on the right foot.

Utilize Engaging Features

Instagram is constantly shifting its algorithm and adding new features to engage audiences. If you want eyes on your product or service, there are a few features you should be taking advantage of. “Truthfully, Instagram stories and LIVE events work best,” says Joseph Federico, CEO of Anchors to Dusk Media. “Also, utilize up to 30 trending hashtags per post that only relate to your industry. You may also utilize other trending tags such as holidays and themed days to gain more traction.”

Niche Down and Interact With Similar Accounts

“If you have a specific enough niche, there are users out there who are looking for more accounts like yours to follow. You simply have to make them aware you exist,” says Stacy Caprio who suggests interacting with other accounts in your niche, especially commenting and offering shoutouts to similar profiles as yours.

Be Your Real, True Self and People Will Come

Joseph’s biggest tip? Authenticity should always come first. “My success with managing accounts in the past has come from recommending to clients that they must be authentic, always. Share the product, share your life.” These days, users are less interested in flawlessly curated feeds and picture-perfect lifestyles. Even if you’re running a business, customers want to see behind the scenes of their favorite brands.

Thank you for joining us in for this installment regarding social media influencers; make sure to read our other articles dealing with various influencers in the field of cosmetology!

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