Time Management Essentials Part 5: Managing Client Time

Time Management Essentials Part 5

Time Management Essentials Part 5: Manage Your Client Time

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of our blog miniseries: Time Management Essentials for Busy Professionals. Join us as we review essential tips, techniques, and methods for saving time, increasing productivity, and improving customer service for your business.

We’ve covered how you can organize your time and the objects in your workspace to give your clients better service and run a smooth business. Now we’ll discuss how you can manage your client time so that you can stay on schedule without ever making a client feel rushed or unimportant.

Incorporate some buffer time

Give yourself time between clients to prepare the space and make sure that everything is ready when they come in. Additionally, build a small buffer into your schedule to allow you to chat with clients before and after their appointments.

You’ll usually know ahead of time what to focus on while you’re working with a client. However, it’s important that you work time into your schedule to allow them to tell you what exactly they need. Don’t give away your time for free, but remember: the more you know about your client, the better service you can provide.

Keep a clock or watch where you can see it

Many massage and salon professionals will keep a clock or a watch on the wall or on a table nearby where they can see it but the client cannot. Keeping a clock where the client can see it will prove a distraction. They’ll think about how much time they have left, how much you’ve used on preparation, how much work needs to be done, etc. Instead of putting all of that in their head, just put the clock out of their line of sight but keep it where you can easily see it.

Chat while you pack up or take the conversation to the front desk

Whether you’re working in a client’s home or in your salon, you don’t want the client to feel as though you’re rushing them out the door. If you’re at their home, chat with them about their next appointment as you pack up. Once you’re done packing up, you’ll have told them what they need to know. They’ll feel good about their visit, and they’ll be ready to schedule the next one.

If you’re working at a salon, walk them out to the front desk. You can recommend additional products or services, check them out, and move on to your next client without rushing anyone.

Keep an eye on the time throughout your appointment and be conscious of your clients’ needs. You’ll find that managing your client time and sticking to your schedule gets easier and easier.

Thank you for joining us for Time Management Essentials Part 5! If you missed our previous articles, we highly recommend giving them a look!

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