Claiborne Medical Center Activates Patient Portal

Tazewell, TN – Claiborne Medical Center has announced that they now have a health information portal available for their patients.

A patient portal is a website that enables patients to access their personal health information easily, securely, and conveniently. Once patients have registered for the portal, they will be able to access their health records any time of day and from any location with an Internet connection.

“Claiborne Medical Center is very pleased to be one of the first area hospitals to provide a health information portal for their patients,” stated Claiborne Chief Administrative Officer Tim Brown. “Both patients who are admitted to Claiborne Medical Center as inpatients and those who have lab work, X-rays, and other outpatient procedures will be able to quickly and securely access vital health information at their convenience.”

During registration, patients at Claiborne Medical Center will be assisted in completing enrollment into the YourCareCommunity website. They will then receive an email to verify their identity with a link to the website sign in page. Hospital staff will be available to assist patients and answer questions about the patient portal, and each patient will receive a brochure that details the sign up procedures.

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