Prophecy Healthcare Exceeds 5 Million Completed Exams

Prophecy Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of pre-hire clinical and health care testing, recently announced that the company has exceeded the five million mark for completion of its proprietary clinical competency exams. Having reached the milestone in March, the flagship product line was the foundation of growth for Prophecy, helping reach over 500 hospitals, health care staffing organizations, health systems and over 800,000 clinicians.

“Since the beginning, Prophecy has been assisting the health care industry better place individuals in their optimal fields, all while expanding our own product offerings to include prep exams, health care consulting and more,” said Ron Gonzalez MS BSN, founder and CEO of Prophecy Healthcare®. “This milestone validates our efforts over the past 11 plus years to provide the health care sector with the most effective competency exams available in the industry.”

Prophecy first began implementing exams in February 2004 and, since then, the variety of tests and assessments have grown to include a dozen products. While testing categories consist of clinical competencies, skills checklists, behavioral personality tests and situational interpersonal skills assessments, the five million milestone is exclusive to completed clinical competency exams. Created for categories including nursing, allied health and home health positions, the highly specific exams measure a test taker’s skill level in their specialty and identify sufficient job knowledge to promote optimal patient outcomes.

“Our clinical exams are an essential resource to health care organizations, with some of our most popular specialty exams including Medical Surgical RN, RN Pharmacology (Medication Administration), General ICU RN and Emergency Department RN,” said Gonzalez. “As we grow, we continue to expand our assessment library – increasing our prep exams by nearly 400 percent last year alone – while also taking the time to re-validate established exams to remain relevant with current industry methodologies, protocols and ever-changing guidelines.”

Prophecy Healthcare®’s clinical competency exams are a fundamental aspect of the company’s wide array of offerings. Vital to health care staffing organizations, hospitals, health systems and health facilities, the tests are designed to better place potential new employees by determining the absolute level of their pre-hire knowledge. In addition to the competency exams, Prophecy offers situational judgement tests (SJTs) to assess soft skills of
RNs and behavioral assessments designed around personality traits and cognition for a variety of health care positions – including non-clinical and allied specialties.

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